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FIFA 21 release date - trailer, story and news

It's almost time for kick-off once again...

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Published: Friday, 18th September 2020 at 1:03 pm

Get ready for a whole new season of virtual football as the kings of the sports gaming world, EA, are back for another year of FIFA fun.


While sticking to being the game we all know and love, the latest game in the FIFA series has some twists on the gameplay that should make it feel like a worthy addition to your gaming library- something needed when there are complaints that things are not changed up enough between the yearly releases.

So here is all we know so far about FIFA 21 and, if you want to keep track on when you can get your hands on other titles, take a look at our video games release dates schedule.

When is the FIFA 21 release date?

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Not long to wait at all for this one as it will be released next month, October 9th to be precise. That is just for current generation platforms for now, but next-gen will be available on launch day for those consoles- so November 10th for the Xbox Series X. A Stadia release remains TBC at this stage.

What platforms can I get FIFA 21 on?

FIFA 21 will be available on next-generation consoles the PS5 and Xbox Series X, as well as the PS4 and Xbox One, with a PC, Stadia and Nintendo Switch release also confirmed.

What is the FIFA 21 story?

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Introduced in recent years, the story mode has been a welcome addition to FIFA, and other titles from EA Sports. The Journey was a fun twist on what we are used to in FIFA but sadly, for fans of the mode, that will not be returning this year either after skipping the previous FIFA 20. Maybe in FIFA 22, we'll get it back!

FIFA 21 gameplay

fifa 21 match gameplay

Expect more of what you have come to know and love with the FIFA series with the latest game that includes a feature we have been wanting for some time in career mode. Now you can drop into a game that you have chosen to simulate- which is super helpful as we all know how frustrating is to go behind in a match you were certain your team would win. AI has also been increased while the player growth system has also undergone a revamp.

For you stat fans out there, the game will feature 30 official leagues, over 700 clubs, and over 17,000 players and look too for the ever-popular Ultimate Team to have a bit of a refresh with cooperative play being added, and an increase to the top 200 in FUT Champions- as opposed to the 100 we had previously.

Fitness and training consumable items are now a thing of the past and your players will be fighting fit again for the next match once they have played, although they will still lose stamina during the matches themselves. You will also be able to transfer your club between the generation of consoles, but not between different platforms.

Can I pre-order FIFA 21?

You certainly can, for both generations of consoles. Amazon and Game are just two of the places you can head to in order to make sure you get a copy of the game on release day- or a bit after if you are planning to pre-order next-gen.

Is there a trailer for FIFA 21?

There sure is. There have been a few now and the initial launch trailer was pretty spectacular, but here is the most recent gameplay trailer so you can see what the game will look like when you finally load it up and start playing.


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