The Last of Us 2 is full of Easter eggs, secrets, and hidden stashes of items that can make your time spent as Ellie or Abby go as smoothly as possible. A lot of these things are hidden within safes and doors that you’ll find scattered throughout the game’s various locations. To open these locked stashes, though, you’ll need to know the safe codes and combinations.


There are 15 safes and locked doors you can find and open in TLOU Part 2 and you’re in luck - we know the lot of them. Once you’ve found a safe or locked door in-game, this is where you need to be in order to learn how to open them all.

Read on for the complete list of all combinations and safe codes in The Last of Us 2. It’s time to open your world up to the possibilities of new loot and collectables.

The Last of Us 2 safe codes and combinations

To open the locked safes and doors you find in your time spent in The Last of Us 2, you will need to know their combinations. In total, there are 15 safes/locked doors in the game. Fortunately, you can find clues in-game to them all, but we’re here to make everything easier for you. You’ll find the complete list of The Last of Us 2 safe codes and combinations below:

  • Inside the market safe - 07-20-13 (scrap and supplements)
  • Inside the courthouse - 86-07-22 (scrap and supplements)
  • Inside Westlake Bank - 60-23-06 (pump shotgun)
  • Inside Gate West 2 - 0451 (scrap, supplements, one health pack, and a trading card)
  • Inside the thrift store - 55-01-33 (ammo and one health pack)
  • Door inside the tunnels - 15243 (ammo, crafting supplies, and supplements)
  • Inside Hillcrest garage - 30-82-65 (ammo, crafting supplies, scrap, and a short gun holster)
  • Inside the apartment bedroom (on route 5) - 10-08-83 (ammo and supplements)
  • Inside Weston’s pharmacy - 38-55-23 (ammo, crafting supplies, an explosive arrow, one health kit, and supplements)
  • Inside the flooded city (near the gate you can’t open) - 70-12-64 (ammo, crafting supplies, scrap, and supplements)
  • The big win gun safe - 17-38-07 (ammo, hunting pistol)
  • Inside Jasmine bakery - 68-96-89 (ammo, crafting supplies, one health bar, and supplements)
  • Inside the boat - 90-77-01 (ammo training manual, scrap, and supplements)
  • Inside apartment 302 - 30-23-04 (ammo, crafting supplies, and scrap)
  • Inside the gym - 12-18-79 (crafting supplies and supplements)

There you have it, that’s all 15 safes and locked doors in The Last of Us Part 2. When you find a safe, keep its location in mind and head back here to open it up. There is a trick to it, though, that means you can open all safes (not locked doors) without the need to know its code.

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To open a safe without knowing its code or combination in The Last of Us 2, you simply need to listen out for clicks. Each safe clicks when you spin onto a new number, but the correct number will be louder and distinct from the rest. When you hear that louder click, you’ve hit the right number for that part of the combination/code. Simply keep doing this until you’ve correctly identified each correct number in the sequence and that safe will unlock.

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