The Last of Us has become quite the phenomenon in recent years, thanks to HBO's TV adaptation. And with season 2 on the way, we're not expecting the hype to cease.


Not wanting us to forget the heartbreak and tragedy that comes next in the story, Naughty Dog has released a remastered version of The Last of Us Part 2. We're not complaining. Any excuse to shut ourselves away for a weekend and replay it is a win for us.

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That said, it might take a bit longer than a weekend. It's the longest Naughty Dog game so far, even if you ignore the extras and zoom through the story. So How long is The Last of Us Part 2? Let's take a look.

How many hours is The Last of Us Part 2?

It will take around 24 hours to complete the main story of The Last of Us Part 2. This is according to video game length compendium How Long To Beat, assuming you're only working your way through all of Part 2's chapters and not exploring every nook and cranny or backtracking for collectables.

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If you're looking to nose around the new expansive environments and maybe grab a few collectables then you'll need a few extra hours - with a total time of around 29 hours - while completionists will need to spend around 42 hours with Ellie and co in order to 100 per cent the game and receive the hard-earned Platinum trophy.

Again, these are estimates and the time will vary on your play style – you may find yourself getting lost in the impressive Extras section for some time, or end up taking a lot longer on the gruelling Grounded or Permadeath difficulties.

Taking at least an entire real-world day, The Last of Us Part 2 is rather lengthy for a linear narrative-driven game and nearly twice as long as its predecessor. The story is rather intense also, so you might want to spread this one out a bit – you'll certainly need more than a weekend.

And let's not forget all the extra modes that come with the remastered version! There are three lost levels that never made it into the original game, a roguelike mode called No Return, and even a mode to just mess about with the guitar. There's a lot to keep you busy with this re-release!

However, if you've just finished The Last of Us Part 1 or the equally well-reviewed TV show, the good news is that you still have plenty of The Last of Us content to enjoy with Part 2, especially with a standalone multiplayer game on the way also.

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