The new Last of Us multiplayer game is on the way, but what are our chances of seeing a Last of Us Part 3 hit our consoles?


Let's be real, we need answers - what happens next with Ellie and Abby? We need to know!

Although players of The Last of Us Part 2 were divided over the plot, the game was an instant bestseller, so surely a Part 3 of the franchise would be a no-brainer?

Well, if interviews with Naughty Dog and creator Neil Druckmann are anything to believe, they might be working on the game to some extent at least (we're keeping our fingers crossed).

Read on to find out everything we know about The Last of Us Part 3.

Will there be a Last of Us Part 3?

While The Last of Us Part 3 hasn’t been officially confirmed, it seems more than likely that Sony will want Naughty Dog to develop a sequel.

Given that The Last of Us TV show is just around the corner and that The Last of Us Part 1 (a PS5 remake of the original) released in 2022, it would be a huge surprise if there was never a third game. It could be years away, though.

Last year, a rumour posted by ViewerAnon on Twitter claimed that Naughty Dog is in the throes of The Last of Us Part 3 development right now.

This has been politely debunked by Neil Druckmann, overseer of The Last of Us franchise in both gaming and live-action, with the Tweet below.

Whatever the answer, TLOU 3 is definitely something that is on Druckmann’s mind.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter ahead of The Last of Us TV show's premiere, Druckmann couldn't reveal if Part 3 is in the works at Naughty Dog, but said: “I think there’s more story to tell.”

And, on the Script Apart podcast (thanks, IGN) back in 2021, Druckmann explained that he (and co-writer Halley Gross) have written an outline for a story.

Druckmann noted at the time that Naughty Dog “is not making” the game yet, but he has hopes that their idea “can see the light of day” eventually. He added that the story outline for Part 3 which was written “explores a little bit what happens after” TLOU 2.

Druckmann is quick to point out, however, that “these [TLOU] games take so much to make” and that “you want to make sure you’re jazzed by the idea that you have, [that] it feels like it’s challenging”. Given the seven-year gap between Part 1 and Part 2, expect to wait a long time before a third game in the series materialises.

He adds that Naughty Dog takes “a long time to explore different ideas, whether it’s going to be Last of Us 3, whether it’s something new, whether there’s some old franchise” it wants to go back to. Time will tell if the studio’s next major title is The Last of Us Part 3, but we’d be shocked if it never happens.

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