Sony has been launching some of its best games on PC in the last couple of years, and 2023 saw the troubled PC release of TLOUP1.


This makes us wonder, when will The Last of Us Part 2 come to PC – if ever?

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With the recently announced The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered, which is coming to PS5, players are hopeful the improvements made will also have the PC in mind - and maybe the PS5 Pro, too.

But as we said, TLOUP1 did not have the most graceful launch on PC, and was plagued with bugs and technical issues that could give developers Naughty Dog pause for thought.

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The colossal success of HBO's The Last of Us adaptation and the upcoming season 2 may just be the nudge they need to get the game out there on as many platforms as possible.

Naughty Dog did cancel The Last of Us Online, though, to better focus on their single-player games - so hopefully they aren't spread too thin.

Will The Last of Us Part 2 come out on PC?

While there has been no official announcement, we think that The Last of Us Part 2 will release on PC in Q2 2024.

As The Last of Us Part 2 remastered launches for PS5 on 14th January 2024, we think Naughty Dog will want some extra time to ensure any potential PC version is in tip-top shape before shipping it, to avoid a repeat of TLOUP1 PC.

A Q2 release window would put it somewhere between March and the end of June 2024.

Sony typically likes to release on their own console first, before they grace PC players with the pleasure, but seeing as TLOUP2 first launched back in 2020, we don't expect a huge delay between the PS5 remastered version and a possible PC release.

The Last of Us Part 1 released on PS5 on 2nd September 2022, with it coming to PC on 28th March 2023 - an almost six-month wait.

But TLOUP1 and 2 share much of the same underlying technology, so the gap could be smaller this time, especially seeing as Naughty Dog has worked out most of the kinks in TLOUP1.

Of course, this is all speculation and guesswork. We’ll update this page with any official information as and when it is announced.

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