Now a decade old, the original The Last of Us was released at a time when every game came with a multiplayer mode added on, as well as paid DLC expansions.


2022 remake The Last of Us Part 1 did not include the fan-favourite Factions multiplayer mode - that will instead be getting a standalone sequel - but the acclaimed expansion is bundled in for free.

Titled Left Behind, the DLC once again puts you in control of Ellie and adds some extra character development that recontextualises the rest of the game.

However, the use of flashbacks makes deciding when to play Left Behind a bit of a pickle - but luckily we're here with some recommendations. Here's when to play Left Behind and how long it will take, without any spoilers!

When should you play The Last of Us: Left Behind?

Chronologically, Left Behind takes place both before and during the events of The Last of Us, making it difficult to play the entire story in order.

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However, as DLC Left Behind was designed to be played after completing the main game, and upon release came with a message on the main menu recommending you finish the campaign first, Left Behind is far more effective once you are familiar with Ellie and her journey, and retroactively adds some interesting context to key moments in the main story.

However, if you've played the game before and are set on a chronological playthrough then Left Behind takes place during the time skip between autumn and winter. Play it just after completing the University chapter and just before starting the Lakeside Resort chapter.

How long is The Last of Us: Left Behind?

The Last of Us: Left Behind will take just over two hours to complete. This is according to polls on videogame length compendium How Long To Beat, assuming you're just playing the main story at a regular pace. There are, however, artefacts (that have themselves been left behind) to find in Left Behind, so snooping for all 12 of those will bring the length up to three hours or so.

While Left Behind is not particularly difficult, this time will of course vary depending on your difficulty settings - set aside a bit more time if you're playing on the infamous Grounded difficulty.

Either way, Left Behind should be completable in a single sitting if you can spare a few hours - so you should hopefully manage a playthrough before you catch the well-reviewed TV show, which looks to have recreated the DLC.

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