We are truly spoilt when it comes to The Last of Us content with the original two games, a brand new TV show that is actually good (excuse us while we breathe a collective sigh of relief) and soon a standalone multiplayer game.


If you've not played the games yet and the TV adaptation has inspired you to give them a go - or you want to experience the story for yourself first before watching Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey take on the roles of the game's main protagonists - it's worth knowing just how much time you're going to sink into playing Ellie and Joel's first adventure.

As you'd expect, 2022 remake The Last of Us Part 1 is a similar length to the 2013 original, and won't take up weeks of your time - but we can promise you'll enjoy every single moment of it.

Here's exactly how long it will take to complete The Last of Us Part 1.

How many hours is The Last of Us Part 1?

It should take about 14 hours to complete the main story of The Last of Us Part 1, the first game in this franchise.

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This is the time given by the video game length compendium How Long To Beat assuming you're ignoring the side quests and purely working through the main campaign at a decent pace.

You'll have to add a few hours on if you choose to dabble in the side content however - probably around 16.5 hours - with trophy hunters and completionists looking more at 21 hours in order to 100 per cent the game and earn the elusive Platinum trophy.

These are just estimates, however, so there's no need for concern if you're taking a bit longer - we wouldn't blame you if you wanted to stop and take in the rather wonderful updated graphics every now and then.

Alternatively, if you're a die-hard fan you may find yourself whizzing through much faster, especially as a speedrun mode is now available upon beating the game for the first time.

The Last of Us Part 1 should easily be completable in a week or so depending on your schedule, a welcome break in the era of time-hungry live service games and expansive open-world RPGs. You'll then be all set for the TV show or follow-up The Last of Us Part 2 - which is quite a bit longer...

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