While you will have almost certainly stumbled upon a few firefly pendants during your time with Joel and Ellie in The Last of Us Part 1, the safes are a bit easier to miss.


That's mostly because there are only four of them, and you'll also need the correct code or combination to be able to unlock them. If you don't want to spend ages looking for a code, you can instead look it up online — that's probably what brought you to this page, right?

With the Last of Us TV show soon to be gracing our screens and the long-awaited Last of Us 2 multiplayer game on the horizon, now is the perfect time to jump back into the remake and discover its many secrets. And with that in mind, here are all the safe codes in The Last of Us Part 1.

The Last of Us Part 1 safe codes

Unlike the original game which required you to find the corresponding article with the correct code written on it, the remake allows you to manually punch in each safe code yourself.

So, there's no need to find the in-game clues - simply head to the four safe locations below and enter their corresponding codes for the following rewards:

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  • Inside the underground shopping centre in The Outskirts: 03-43-78 (50 parts)
  • On the main road with the barricade in Bill’s Town: 05-17-21 (50 parts, 5 supplements, ammo)
  • In the flooded Hotel Grand lobby in Pittsburgh: 22-10-56 (Training manual, 50 parts, ammo and explosive material)
  • In the house next to the ice cream van in The Suburbs: 08-21-36 (10 supplements, 50 parts, ammo)

Once you find a safe, press triangle to interact with it and then spin the dial until you have the code above. As with The Last of Us Part 2 safe codes, you can unlock safes even without knowing the code by listening out for clicks - when you spin onto the correct number you'll hear a louder click and the DualSense will vibrate more. You then simply have to repeat the process with each number until you have the full sequence.

The safe codes will also be written on a nearby artefact, though the safes can still be unlocked even if you have not found the corresponding artefact. However, you will need to unlock all safes and find all artefacts for The Last of Us Part 1 Platinum - so trophy hunters take note!

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