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Published: Friday, 5th July 2019 at 2:10 pm

Some articles on contain what are known as “affiliate links”.


These are just like any other links to products and services that we think you’ll find useful, but with an affiliate link we may be paid a commission if you click on the link and/or go on to make a purchase or subscribe to a free trial or service.

An example of this may be clicking on an affiliate link that directs you to a service showing a sports event you are reading about or to purchase a book we think you’ll enjoy alongside a TV series.

These links do not add any cost to you as the consumer, but the company it links to may pay a commission for the referral of your business.

We jealously guard editorial independence on, and what we write about and what we choose to link to is decided by the editorial team and no one else. Therefore, you can be sure that an article containing affiliate links does not change this underlying principle.

Our articles only link to products and services that we believe you will find genuinely useful and interesting, and at no point does a third party or commercial organisation tell us what to link to or when to add affiliate links. Many of the links on to products and services are not affiliate links and we make no money from them, and we add them in the same spirit of utility and discovery for users across our content.

The only exception to this principle if is an article is specifically marked as "Sponsored Content" or "Advertisement Feature". Although these articles are checked for editorial suitability by the editor in chief, they may contain links and messaging from commercial partners that are not chosen by the editorial team.

Advertisement is committed to giving users and readers a trusted editorial overview of TV, film and entertainment. Commercial activity such as affiliate links help pay for our quality journalism, but rest assured never influences what we write about.


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