Channel 4 thriller Suspect is returning for its second season, but this run will look dramatically different to the first, thanks to a major cast overhaul.


While the first season was led by James Nesbitt, and featured the likes of Richard E Grant and Joely Richardson in major roles, season 2 sees just two cast members from season 1 returning, who are instead joined by a host of new stars.

Suspect season 2 will be led by Anne-Marie Duff, who played Nesbitt's character's Danny's ex-wife Susannah in season 1, while Ben Miller will also be returning as Danny's old boss and detective superintendent, Richard.

Miller has now opened up about returning to his role, and explained that fans can expect to find out "a bit more" about his character.

Miller explained: "There's a bit more to it this time. In series 1, it was kind of hard to figure out exactly where Richard stood in all of this. In this series, it's become a little more developed – you find out a little bit more about him.

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"I knew roughly what the character's journey would be throughout the entirety of the stories. And yeah, I really like it."

Anne-Marie Duff as Dr Susannah Newman, Dominic Cooper as Jon, Ben Miller as Detective Superintendent Richard Groves, Tamsin Greig as Natasha Groves, Vinette Robinson as Louisa, Eddie Marsan as Alastair Underwood, Celine Buckens as Sapphire, Nicholas Pinnock as Joseph and Gina McKee as Kate in Suspect. Duff is in the middle in front of a dark background and images of the others are floating around her
Anne-Marie Duff as Dr Susannah Newman, Ben Miller as Detective Superintendent Richard Groves and the cast of Suspect season 2. Channel 4/Eagle Eye Productions/Charlie Clift

He continued: "What I find fascinating about him as a character, is he's one of those people that you wouldn't spot in a crowd. You know, it's a kind of important thing, really – a certain kind of person who fades into the background.

"So it's interesting. It's like putting a spotlight on the sort of person who wouldn’t go anywhere near the spotlight, usually. And I find that aspect of my character interesting. For me, it’s the underlying ambiguity – he's a character with his heart in the right place and yet he's a suspect like all of the characters."

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Season 2 of Suspect will pick up with Susannah struggling with the death of her daughter, but finding herself on a mission to stop a murderer, after a man admits under hypnosis in one of her therapy sessions that he intends on killing a young woman that evening.

New cast members include Dominic Cooper (The Gold), Tamsin Greig (Friday Night Dinner), Vinette Robinson (Sherlock), Eddie Marsan (Back to Black), Celine Buckens (The Castaways), Nicholas Pinnock (Top Boy) and Gina McKee (The End We Start From).

Suspect season 2 will start airing at 9pm on Wednesday 17th July on Channel 4.


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