America's Sweethearts: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders lifts the lid on what it takes to be part of one of the most elite cheerleading squads in the world. Whether you're a rookie newcomer or a veteran, it doesn't matter – everyone has to audition every year, with your place never a guarantee.


With the debut performance deadline looming, the judges are faced with hundreds of applicants for just 36 positions as a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader (DCC).

As a result, they aren’t afraid to make harsh cuts to create their exemplary squad, where striving for perfection is a minimum expectation.

In the new seven-part Netflix series, viewers are welcomed into the squad's inner workings, their gruelling routine and practice regime, and just how much they are willing to sacrifice to be declared one of America's Sweethearts.

From tears and injuries to makeovers and Dolly Parton, the show describes the ups and downs of a year in the life of the team.

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Here are the key faces and people you need to know - and where to find them on Instagram.

The Bosses

Kelli Finglass – Director of Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

Kelli Finglass resting her finger on her chin, wearing a green blazer.
Kelli Finglass. Netflix

Instagram: @kellifinglass

Kelli Finglass the THE woman to impress if you want to get on the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, and rules the audition and training process with an iron fist.

Having been a DCC member from 1984 to 1989, Kelli ensures the team doesn't set a foot out of line on or off the field.

Kelli monitors not just the performances, but also the team's aesthetics, wanting to make sure the team has the "perfect look" by the time they make their debut on the field.

She has been in the role since 1991, and has turned the cheerleaders into their own multi-million-dollar money making machine.

Judy Trammell – Head Choreographer

Judy Trammell wearing a light green blazer and white blouse, looking ahead. She has long blonde hair.
Judy Trammell. Netflix

Instagram: @dcc_judy

A DCC team member from 1980 to 1984, Judy is in charge of the high-flying performances and the intense dance training schedule the cheerleaders go through.

Working as Kelli’s right-hand lady, the pair decide who to ultimately put on the squad, making the, at times, vicious cuts needed to get her final 36.

In the documentary, Judy admits that dance ability and skill has vastly improved since her years on the team, and she strives for perfection.

Like Kelli, she assumed her role in 1991 and has been one to impress ever since.

Charlotte Jones – Executive Vice President and Chief Brand Officer of Dallas Cowboys

Charlotte Jones sat across from someone, looking through papers on a table in an office.
Charlotte Jones. Netflix

Instagram: @cjonescowboys

Charlotte is the daughter of Dallas Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones, and has the final say of how many people make the team, as well as their finances.

She gives her input into who should make the squad, and who should be ruled out, often applying pressure on Kelli and Judy to make tough decisions.

The Veterans

Kelcey Wetterberg - Fifth Year

Kelcey Wetterberg in a cheerleading outfit, resting on her knees with one hand in front of her. She is smiling as a group of girls stand behind her.
Kelcey Wetterberg. Netflix

Instagram: @kelcey_w

Kelcey is a long-time member of the squad who, over the five years she's been in DCC, has seen their responsibilities and pressures evolve.

On top of performing on the squad, Kelcey is a paediatric nurse and lives with her longtime partner, Nate Crnkovich.

With Nate having dreams of becoming an actor, and her intense schedule with DCC putting pressure on her life, she needs to decide how much longer she should remain on the team.

Victoria Kalina - Fourth Year

Victoria Kalina.
Victoria Kalina. Netflix

As well as a returning member of the team, Victoria has the added pressure of being a second-generation family cheerleader, with her mother being part of the squad at the same time as director Kelli.

After taking a year away from the squad after suffering from burnout, depression and disordered eating, Victoria admits she feels like “an outsider” during the audition process.

Regardless, she’s desperate to impress Kelli, and finally earn herself an esteemed position as one of the squad’s dance captains.

Her mother, Tina, is also a prominent contributor on the series, helping her daughter train and giving insight into the years she was in DCC.

McKenzie Hughston - Fourth Year

Instagram: @dcc_mckenzie

A pharmaceutical sales rep by day, with a degree in both dance and psychology, McKenzie is one of the most established performers for DCC.

She’s also competitive, saying ahead of the audition that “pressure is a privilege”, arguing the pressure is only there because they’ve done well before.

The season promises to be an emotional one for the star, with her planning on leaving the squad at the end of the year– that’s if she gets in at all.

Madeline Salter - Second Year

Madeline Salter.
Madeline Salter. Netflix

Instagram: @_madelineggrace

For Madeline, the Dallas Cowboys are in her blood – her mother, Shannon, was a cheerleader, and her father, Michael, was a cinematographer for the football team.

Fighting for her place once again, Madeline has a lot riding on getting in after initially failing to get through when she first auditioned back in 2019.

Now she’s earned her position, she will do whatever it takes to keep it.

Shannon also appears on the series to discuss her career, and how Madeline literally wouldn’t be here without the team.

The Rookies

Reece Allman

Reece Allman smiling as she walks down a corridor. She is brown hair that is resting on her shoulders.
Reece Allman. Netflix

Instagram: @reece_christinee

A devout Christian from Jacksonville, Florida, Reece has moved to Texas in order to achieve her dream of being on the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.

She has been dancing since the age of three, and received a degree in Dance at the University of Alabama, with hopes one day to be a dance teacher.

Her fiancé, college sweetheart Will, is there supporting her throughout.

Anna Kate Sundvold

Anna Kate Sundvold wearing a blue sparkly vest top, with short blonde hair, looking across at something.
Anna Kate Sundvold. Netflix

Instagram: @annakatesundvold

Anna Kate arrives as a rookie a year after her sister, Caroline, retired from the squad.

As a result, she has a lot of help preparing for her audition, but has to tread a fine line between upholding her sister's legacy and standing out on her own.

In order to make the squad, Anna Kate has moved in with Caroline, with the sisters even sharing a bed until her position on the DCC is secured.

Away from the stadium, Anna Kate graduated from Texas Christian University with a degree in finance, with a minor in accounting.

Caroline appears on the documentary as well, detailing life as she adjusts to no longer being a member of the team.

Kelly Villares

Kelly Villares pictured from the side, smiling. She is wearing a blue sparkly vest top.
Kelly Villares. Netflix

Instagram: @kellyvillares

Moving from Weehawken, New Jersey to Texas for a spot on the squad, for Kelly it is the DCC or nothing.

Prepared to do anything to impress, she’s even willing to let go of her signature blonde hair and be styled just how the judges want her to.

Bright and bubbly, Kelly soon finds herself battling to find her feet on the team.

Wanting to be a dancer ever since she was a baby, her parents, Lina Londono and Onel Villares, also speak about their daughter’s long-held career hopes.

Anisha Kula

Anisha Kula wearing a pink outfit, smiling as she is pictured from the side.
Anisha Kula. Netflix

Instagram: @anishakula

Anisha immediately impresses Kelli and the judging panel with her Bhangra-fusion dance routine during her audition.

Soon, she finds herself having to balance life as a cheerleader with her day-to-day job of being an orthodontist, practising her routines during appointments.

Prior to auditioning for the DCC, she was a cheerleader for the basketball team, the Golden State Warriors in San Francisco, California.

Charly Barby

Charly Barby smiling ahead, with long red hair falling on either side of her shoulder.
Charly Barby. Netflix

Instagram: @charlybarby

A graduate of Arizona State University with a degree in communications, Charly’s flame-red hair as she performed a routine to Rise Up by Andra Day immediately caught the judges’ attention.

She’s a trained ballet dancer – which makes her perfect for those Thunderstruck high kicks.

While her performances are undeniably great, Charly soon finds herself struggling with fitting into the aesthetics of the team, having to learn about make-up quickly.

Originally from Livermore, California, Charly’s a freelance dance instructor and events planner.

Alongside Charly, her mother, Heather, talks about her career to date, and her concerns at “the men goggling over her” if she were to make the team.

Ariana McClure

Instagram: @arimcclure

Sweet in nature and short in stature, Ariana – known best as Ari – quickly makes her name for herself as one to watch in the auditioning girls.

A former Laker Girl for the LA Lakers, Ari also has an impressive CV behind her before setting foot in the practice room.

On top of being a professional dancer, Ari is also a medical device salesperson for Profound Medical Inc, specialising for the minimally invasive Transurethral Ultrasound Ablation of the Prostate, helping those with prostate cancer.

Further cast members include:

  • Kat – DCC Class of 2022
  • Caroline – DCC Class of 2022
  • Sophy – DCC second-year veteran candidate, dance instructor

America's Sweethearts: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders is available to stream on Netflix now.


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