Netflix's property catalogue is getting bigger because, you guessed it, there is yet another real estate series coming to the streamer!


This time, we're headed to Manhattan as viewers are given a look inside the "glamorous, adrenaline-filled universe of high-stakes real estate in New York City".

Centred around world famous broker and CEO Ryan Serhant and his brokerage, the series follows him and his "ambitious army of agents" as they set out on a mission to become the number one brokerage in the world.

The series is available to watch on Netflix now, so let's get to know the cast!

Owning Manhattan cast

Here is the full line-up for Owning Manhattan on Netflix. Scroll on to read more about them.

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Ryan Serhant

Ryan Serhant, smiling ahead whilst wearing a blue blazer and white shirt in front of a white background. He is light white hair that is gelled back and has light stubble.
Ryan Serhant. Winnie Au/Netflix

Instagram: @ryanserhant

Team: Serhant

Ryan Serhant is the CEO of SERHANT, and has closed more than $8 billion in sales and represented clients in record-breaking deals across the country, according to TUDUM.

Ryan currently lives in Brooklyn with his wife and their daughter.

Chloe Tucker Caine

Chloe Tucker Caine pictured in front of a white background, wearing a white t-shirt and a pink blazer. She has long black hair that goes down her front.
Chloe Tucker Caine for Owning Manhattan. Winnie Au/Netflix

Instagram: @chloeinmanhattan

Team: Chloe Tucker Caine

Chloe Tucker Cain is a "powerhouse real estate agent, marketing expert and media personality", but before moving into the world of real estate, she once starred in Mamma Mia! on Broadway.

Chloe currently lives in Flatiron with her husband and toy poodle.

Nile Lundgren

Nile Lundgren posing with his arms folded, wearing a light tanned suit and tie. He is bald but has a thick beard and moustache.
Nile Lundgren. Winnie Au/Netflix

Instagram: @nilelundgren

Team: Lundgren

With more than $300 million in sales and over a decade of experience, Nile Lundgren is a leading expert in the real estate game.

Alongside his real estate work, Nile hosts his own podcast called The Broker that Never Sleeps and has appeared on a number of news channels.

Tricia Lee

Tricia Lee in a white jumpsuit with hand on hip
Tricia Lee. Winnie Au/Netflix

Instagram: @lovetricialee

Team: Tricia Lee

After breaking into the industry, Tricia Lee has gone on to sell over $200 million in her solo career before moving to SERHANT.

At the brokerage, she leads Team Tricia Lee, with a focus on home sales and luxury rentals.

Jade Shenker

Jade Shenker pictured in front of a white background, with a close-up of her face. Her hair is swept to the side with one earring on show.
Jade Shenker. Winnie Au/Netflix

Instagram: @jadeshenker

Team: Serhant

Jade Shenker has made a name for herself in the real estate industry, and has managed over $650 million in luxury assets while at SERHANT.

Jess Markowski

Jess Markowski pictured in front of a light grey background, wearing an off the shoulder jumpsuit. Her hair is swept to one side of her shoulder with one earring on show.
Jess Markowski. Winnie Au/Netflix

Instagram: @jessmarkowski

Team: Bogard New York

Born and raised in New York City, Jess Markowski has a deep understanding of local neighbourhoods and helps buyers, sellers and investors navigate the "intricacies of the NYC market".

As well as real estate, Jess serves as the head of communication for ScreenShop, a company that was co-founded by Kim Kardashian and sold to Snapchat in 2021.

Jessica Taylor

Jessica Taylor pictured in front of a light grey background, wearing a tan coloured pantsuit. She has dark blonde hair that falls across both her shoulders.
Jessica Taylor. Winnie Au/Netflix

Instagram: N/A

Team: N/A

Jessica Taylor has been involved in more than $500 million sales and is a leading presence in New York City's real estate community.

Jessica previously studied at Oxford Brookes University and worked for UBS in London before relocating to the New York branch in 2014.

Jordan Hurt

Jordan pictured in front of a light grey background, wearing a cream blazer and white shirt.
Jordan Hurt. Winnie Au/Netflix

Instagram: @jordvnhurt

Team: Serhant

With 11 years of industry experience and more than $200 million in sales, Jordan "brings a positive, solution-orientated mindset to challenging situations and leverages his diverse industry experience to ensure his clients are always put in the best position to achieve their goals".

Jonathan Nørmølle

Jonathan Nørmølle.
Jonathan Nørmølle. Winnie Au/Netflix

Instagram: @jonathannormolle

Team: Serhant

A new addition tot he SERHANT team, Jonathan Nørmølle combines his "outside-the-box thinking and new-school marketing techniques with an old-school, client-focused mindset" in his line of work.

Jordan March

Jordan March posing in front of a white background, wearing an all-white suit. His arms are folded as he smiles.
Jordan March. Winnie Au/Netflix

Instagram: @jordanmarchmusic

Team: Empire Collective

With 16 years' worth of real estate experience, Jordan March is a managing partner of the Empire Collective Team at SERHANT.

According to TUDUM, Jordan is regarded as a pioneer and industry disrupter for his use of digital media and has closed over $1 billion in sales.

Savannah Gowarty

Savannah Gowarty.
Savannah Gowarty. Winnie Au/Netflix

Instagram: @savannahgowarty

Team: Elevated Advisement

Savannah Gowarty moved from North Carolina to Manhattan to pursue real estate three years ago, and is one of the most respected and notable deal makers in New York City.

Jeffrey St Arromand

Jeffrey St. Arromand posing in front of a white background with his fingers pressed together. He is wearing a light brown blazer and a white shirt.
Jeffrey St Arromand. Winnie Au/Netflix

Instagram: @jesa_sells_nyc

Team: Tricia Lee

Engaged to fellow SERHANT member Tricia Lee, Jeffrey St Arromand is a three-time Emmy Award-winning sports producer and a leading partner of the Tricia Lee team.

Genesis Suero

Genesis Suero in front of a white background, wearing a white cape dress with her arms folded.
Genesis Suero. Winnie Au/Netflix

Instagram: @genesissuero

Team: Lundgren

Genesis Suero is an "accomplished realtor, television personality and Miss New York USA winner"! She serves as Nile Lundgren's right-hand partner and star seller with a sales record of several million dollars.

Owning Manhattan is available to stream on Netflix now.


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