Minecraft receives plenty of updates, so its world-generating seeds produce different effects as more biomes are added to the game, but we've collated 20 of what we think are the best in 2024.


Recently, you'll start seeing Armadillos popping up in certain biomes, as well as more wolf variations.

Some seeds offer quite productive worlds that are resource-rich and are perfect for setting up villager jobs to have a veritable economy on your hands.

On the other hand, some seeds such as Sakura Season are more intended as a visual feast for the eyes. Building can be fun, but so is going on a blocky sightseeing tour .

There is plenty to sink your teeth into, though, so read on to see what we reckon to be the best Minecraft seeds going!

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The best Minecraft seeds are:

Best Minecraft Seeds

There are a huge number of Minecraft Seeds out there with more coming all the time, and while this list could have been far longer, we decided to show some restraint and just present you with what we think are 20 of the best ones out there you can play right now.

Sakura Season

Seed: -5584399987456711267

This one takes full advantage of the Cherry Grove introduced in Minecraft's recent 1.20 update. It gives you a great view of a cherry blossom forest, and shows the potential this game has for mind-blowing scenery. And with a nearby Ancient City, you'll have access to chests containing rare items.


archipelago minecraft seed

Seed: 124014738

One of the simpler ones this and a good place to start. The small cluster of islands is a great place to build especially if you are starting out and want to learn the basics of how to do it.

So definitely not a challenging one, but sometimes a challenge is not what you are looking for and this is a perfect fit if that sounds like you.

Underwater Temple

Seed: -1013382714437321718

Tired of your regular old landlocked temples and want one that has plunged under the depth of the ocean? Well, you will probably want to head to the Underwater Temple then as it does very much what it says on the tin! Be warned though as the enemies here can provide quite the challenge.

Mangrove Swamp and Outpost

Seed: -3546842701776989958

This is a good place to head if you want to build up your collection of Minecraft frogs as they are there in abundance. You will also find a desert pyramid, a village and a shipwreck too! So there's plenty to see and do if you decide to take a trip to Mangrove Swamp and Outpost.

Bamboo and Lava

Bamboo and Lava seed

Seed: -1013382714437321718

Do you like bamboo and lava? If so then this is one that you will definitely want to check out.

This is similar to the Bamboo Jungle seeds that you can find but this has the added excitement of a lake made out of lava - just what every map needs. If you don't act fast then you will find that the lava will end up consuming the whole map. No pressure then!

Bamboo Jungle Temple

Seed: 9176963463659858407

When you start this seed, head south and you will soon find yourselves making your way through a massive jungle forest that will eventually see you arrive at the Bamboo jungle.

Once you are there, keep your eyes peeled for the temple and you will be rewarded with a game gift package - so worth paying a visit to it if you can!

Coastal Village

Seed: 3227028068011494221

Who doesn't love a tropical location with gorgeous sandy beaches and a deep blue sea - even if it is just in the world of Minecraft?

If you start here you will find that you can access food, trees and all sorts of other things and there are numerous paths you can take from here to have the adventure to remember.

Cherry Crater

Seed: 69420017852762830

Spawn near a village in a pretty unique location - inside a huge crater, surrounded by cherry blossom trees.

Endless Beach

Seed: -1389577003656398696

Another beach now (as we cannot get enough of beaches) and this one has the added advantage of being endless - sounds like paradise to us!

Your first set of trees can be found shortly after you head inland from the starting point and it will not be long before you come across the perfect building site. There is a lava pool, but you can cover it up if you think it ruins the vibe while potions and other items can be found if you head for the Nether.

Frozen Wasteland

frozen wasteland minecraft

Seed: -7255571058704538969

From the tropical settings of the beach to the polar opposite with Frozen Wasteland - a place you would not want to end up with only beachwear to put on.

This is a more challenging seed than most but there is a ravine that you will see as soon as you arrive and you can comfortably mine that for Iron. You will also spot a village not too far in that is worth exploring.

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Ice Spikes

Seed: -4186746847636013829

Another chilly one here - and this one is not just cold, it also has spikes that sound cold and dangerous.

This also happens to be a gorgeous location that has a huge amount of forest and grassland that surround a large area full of frozen rivers and ice spikes. The choice of where to build is yours with the ice-covered part of the map and the forest area both open to being built on.

Obsidian Farm

minecraft obsidian farm

Seed: -8880302588844065321

Minecraft players will know full well how valuable Obsidian is so the name of this seed alone should be enough to take notice. This waterlogged village features a pool of lava in it and that can be used to farm that sweet Obsidian!

Mesa and Cave Spiders

Seed: -8427444967367737379

Do you hate spiders to the point that even the thought of them is enough for you to feel itchy and like you are in serious need of a shower? Best to skip past this one if that is the case.

To win the Mesa biome, you will need to enter the cave and clear it out of critters - it all just depends on how brave you are feeling as to whether you will give that a try.

Mooshroom Paradise

Seed: -8427444967367737379

Mooshroom families await a visit at this tropical location! Word of warning, though: while it may look like a place to relax, there are also dangers lurking and one wrong step could see you plummet into a ravine, so be on your guard at all times to avoid a nasty accident!

Ocean Monument Island

ocean monument minecraft

Seed: -3821186818805133221

There are a couple of rare things to find on this ocean-based seed - and one is actually extremely rare which is more than enough reason to head here and check it out.

There is an ultra-rare Mooshroom Biome that is located not far from the starting point and your will also be able to spot an Ocean Monument below the water when you first spawn. So it is just a case of working out which one you want to go to first!

Nether Rush

Seed: -1654510255

You will spawn between the desert and a plain and you will notice that there are two different villages that you can choose to head to.

There is a lot in this world from lava to trees and all sorts of dangers that are lurking to take you by surprise - and it is a great fun seed too!

Pillager Outpost

Seed: 2327370183894455166

If a mad frantic chase sounds like your cup of tea then this is without question one of the seeds that you're going to want to check out at the earliest opportunity.

It is one of the most dangerous ones that you can find, which makes it super fun, and you will have to outrun the pillagers from the moment you spawn. But can you set up a base to try and fight back?

Savanna and Village

savanna village minecraft

Seed: 12542

One of the nicer seeds about, this is a great one for exploring and figuring out all the ropes - while still offering up many inventive ways that the game can kill you.

You will start near a village and a huge savanna biome and as you will see as soon as you start, you will not be short of places to head to and explore.

Smallest Island Ever

Seed: -3115927715480771327

Hey, sometimes size really does not matter and that is certainly the case with this one - the name Smallest Island Ever probably gave that little detail away.

The island is only made up of three blocks but there is a Snowy Tundra that you can head off and explore.

Deserted lava cave village

Seed: -2404910741640601849

Courtesy of Redditor u/DylanDC14, this seed isn't for the faint of heart. The abandoned village lies at the bottom of a deep cave and is surrounded by a pool of lava.

There's even a lava-fall, just to add to the drama of the scene. We can only imagine this village would look incredible with ray tracing.


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