There are loads of different things to do in Minecraft, but building a house is definitely a fan-favourite pastime.


After all, who wouldn't want to create a beautiful abode for their virtual self to live in? In a world where creepers could come out and attack you at any time, having a safe stronghold is well worth it.

Of course, building a house in a Minecraft will take time, effort and resources, but we promise it will be worthwhile in the end. To learn how to build a house in Minecraft, then, read on!

Where to build your Minecraft house

Before you go ahead and start the construction process, you will need to pick a good spot for your house to be and for the simple style houses that we are looking at here, you will want to place it right where you start at the spawn location.

If you are playing with friends, this is a must as you will want a safe space where they will not be at risk from all the various enemies wishing to cause you harm. You can build more elaborate houses later on in the game and in different biomes, but for now, let's look at this simple and safe abode.

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How to build a house in Minecraft

house in Minecraft

Follow these instructions and you will have yourself your very first Minecraft home built in no time.

  • You won't get anywhere if you do not have the blocks in place to build your new home. So gather them up and you do not need to stick to one type as Dirt, Wood, or Cobblestone all work. As does sand and gravel - although those last two will not do the job when you get to building the roof. Also, avoid wood where possible as it burns easily.
  • Now it is time to build so just place the blocks on top of one another to start the walls.
  • Once the walls are ready, place blocks on top and next to each other to get the roof sorted.
  • Time to build the door now so get some planks and arrange them in a two-by-three form on a crafting table.
  • Something you may not have considered is the need for torches as things like to attack you when it is dark. So place a couple around the new house for extra safety.
  • And that's it! It may be a simple house but it is one that will be safe for you and your friends to spawn in and you will have a place to go to find each other.

If you're more of a visual learner, there are heaps on Minecraft videos on YouTube that will help you build a house. Check out the one below, for example.

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