Your inventory in Minecraft should always be filled with lots of things to help you out as you play the game and one of the must-have items in there is a map - the last thing you want to do is waste time being lost.


But to make one you will need some crafting ingredients and after that, you will need to transform the map into a map item.

If you are looking for more on Minecraft, check out our guides on how to tame a fox in Minecraft, and how to enable ray-tracing but for now, here is all you need to know about getting yourself a super helpful map in Minecraft.

What do you need to make a map in Minecraft?

Happily, the list of item that you need to make a Minecraft map is not too long and just requires two types of items.

Eight papers and one compass is all you need so once you have them, you are ready to move onto the next stage of getting your map up and running.

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How to craft a map in Minecraft Survival mode

Got the ingredients? Well, that is a good start. But now you need to know what to do with them so here is all the information you need.

  • First up, load a crafting table up from the menu but make sure the crafting grid is set to three by three.
  • Add all the above items into the grid but make sure they are set out as they are in the below image.
  • The map symbol on the right should show up once you have placed all the items in - it is how you will know if you have done it correctly.
  • Once you have crafted the map. move it to your inventory and now you will be ready to turn the map into a map item.

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How to turn a Minecraft map into a map item

Now that you have your map, you will notice that it is devoid of any information and is all rather empty.

To sort this out though is a quick and easy process and all you need to do is hold the map and select the 'Use Item' option that you will see. Doing so will transform the map into a map item and you will start to see information filling the map up.

And that's it - you're done!

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