Minecraft is not the first game one thinks of when it comes to texture packs - but the game does indeed support 'resource packs' that can transform the entire look of the game.


The texture packs don't get rid of the blocky style the game is built around of course, but now the blocks can look like anything you want, whether it's the long-requested high-resolution look to a Zelda pack and even a homage to Microsoft Paint.

Below we have a list of the very best Minecraft texture packs available, as well as a guide on how to install them - the Nether's blocks never looked so beautiful.

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How to install Minecraft texture packs

Sorry console gamers - most of the texture packs on this list are for the Java edition of Minecraft played through Microsoft Launcher, though a few are available on the Bedrock edition through the Minecraft Catalog.

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For those running the classic Java edition, however, here's a step-by-step guide on how to install the many weird and wonderful texture packs. If you have problems loading a particular texture pack, you may need to use an older version of Minecraft - which can be done through Microsoft Launcher under the "'Installations' tab.

  1. Download your desired texture pack (if it is a .zip file, don't extract it).
  2. Launch Minecraft and click 'Options' on the main menu.
  3. Click on the 'Resource Packs' section.
  4. Click the 'Open Resource Packs' folder.
  5. Drag the downloaded texture pack into the folder.
  6. The texture pack will now appear in-game - you can use them by dragging them to the right column.

If you continue having issues it may be because several of the packs require Optifine to work, so make sure you have the latest version.

Bear in mind that Minecraft technically groups texture packs under 'Resource Packs' as part of their new umbrella term covering all custom assets not limited to just textures - but for the purposes of this article the two are one and the same.

Faithful (32x32)


Faithful very much lives up to its name as at first there seems little difference to regular Minecraft. However, Faithful actually doubles the resolution of Minecraft's textures so that they're 32x32 - so while the style is exactly the same, every black looks sharper, every tree fuller and everything looks that little better. It's definitely the subtlest texture pack out there and also one of the oldest, having been available for about a decade now.

Download link: Faithful

Quadral (16x16)


Another subtle texture change, Quadral does not change the resolution but instead focuses on the colours, adding a bright, vibrant overhaul that surprisingly makes the place feel like a whole new game altogether. For an HDR effect, this is the texture pack for you - and even comes with an add-on for the popular ‘Biomes O’Plenty’ Minecraft mod.

Download link: Quadral

Anemoia (32x32)


If you ever wanted Minecraft to look like a surrealist painting, then this is the texture pack for you - this psychedelic overhaul will give an alien makeover to the animals and inhabitants, but also adds some bold and punchy colours. As an added bonus, there's twice as much detail as regular Minecraft too.

Download link: Anemoia

Annahstas Beastrinia (32x32)

Annahstas Beastrinia

Inspired by the growing Minecraft Pokemon homage known as Pixelmon, this texture pack enhances the colours and resolution to more closely match a Pokemon game. Animals are fittingly extra detailed, and there are even Pokéballs hidden in the bookcases.

Download link: Annahstas Beastrinia

Sapixcraft (512x512 - 16x16)


Acting like a high-resolution version of Quadral, Sapixcraft again eschews realism in favour of a cartoony look, with a focus on bright, eye-catching colours. There's also a choice of resolution from 16x16 all the way up to 512x512 - and even comes with a Christmas-themed add-on.

Download link: Sapixcraft

LB Photorealism Reload (128x128)

LB Photo Realism Reload

A popular HD texture pack resulting from years of work, LB Photo Realism Reload almost looks like a brand new next-generation game. Hardly changing the textures themselves but instead ramping up the resolution and quality, the game will soon be made u of the most lifelike blocks you've ever seen.

Download link: LB Photo Realism

Jolicraft (16x16)


A fairytale, fantasy-esque texture pack, the fan-favourite Jolicraft will add some whimsical fun to your blocky world. With an interesting mix of some more vibrant colours and some more vibrant, it certainly feels like a medieval storybook - even the sun looks like a painting.

Download link: Jolicraft

Jicklus (16x16)


Jicklus goes for the hometown farm look, covering everything with a warm coat of sepia in an effort to make it look more like a realistic countryside without messing with the resolution. Mountains, cliffs and other landforms look more organic - but it is the wonderfully detailed mob reskins that is the main reason to download.

Download link: Jicklus

Epic Adventures (32x32)

Epic Adventures

Again, Epic Adventures sticks to the default Minecraft style, but rather noticeably doubles the pixel count - with natural objects such as trees, clouds and the moon looking rather more detailed.

Download link: Epic Adventures

Rodrigo's Pack (8x8)

Rodrigo's Pack

Yes, at 8x8 this texture pack will make Minecraft even lower resolution than before - but does have the effect of increasing the performance. The pack's use of clean, flat surfaces also increases draw distance drastically - ideal for multiplayer PvP games.

Download link: Rodrigo's Pack

Bloom (16x16)


Again, this is a texture pack designed to turn up the contrast and add eye-catching colours, but this time is inspired by old-school Nintendo games. The add-on items are the best part of this back, including the iconic Master Sword from Zelda.

Download link: Bloom

RetroNES (16x16)

Retro NES

Speaking of Nintendo, this texture pack takes the nostalgia to the next level, by uncannily recreating the 8-bit graphics of Nintendo's first console with chunky blocks and black outlines. If you're happy to go back to Minecraft 1.8, there's even a sound pack to go with it.

Download link: RetroNES

MS Painted (128x128)

MS Painted

Taken from a rather bizarre inspiration, this surprisingly high-resolution texture pack was created using another low-spec program: Microsoft Paint. Delightfully silly, MS Painted revels in its unconventional charm.

Download link: MS Painted

Wind Waker Edition (16x16)

Wind Waker Edition

The Nintendo references continue in this tribute to the cel-shaded fan-favourite The Wind Waker. Bright and colourful just like the GameCube game, the villagers and mobs also have a Zelda-inspired design for a nice extra touch.

Download link: Wind Waker Edition

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