It's fair to say in a game with endless customisation that we quickly become bored of poor ol' Steve and want look a bit more unique by trying out the best Minecraft Skins you can own in the game right now.


Whilst there is more than one default skin now – there are loads of great custom ones with thousands of creators trying their hand at recreating some iconic characters and celebreties. We've chosen which we think are the best renditions.

Below you can find characters from film, television, gaming, musicians and even characters from certain franchises like Star Wars. The choices and possibilities are endless.

There's always more content being added to the game so be sure to check out what's new in the latest Minecraft update.

Perhaps we'll soon get to see how our favourite Minecraft mobs and characters will look in the upcoming Minecraft movie which will no doubt spawn even more custom skins and official expansions.

There's tonnes to get through so we shan't dilly dally. Read on intrepid skinner!

The best Minecraft Skins for superhero fans


minecraft deadpool

Kicking off with Deadpool, because he would likely have something to say to us if we didn't – this skin was made by KingJohn01 and is an amazing one to own because, well, because it is Deadpool and he is one of the most legendary characters out there.

Download here

Wonder Woman


The toughest superhero around? Quite possibly, but we can say for certain that Wonder Woman – or Diana Prince – is a skin that we would want to wear in Minecraft. Seeing her super suit in Minecraft form really is quite the sight - we adore it. There are actually a few different Wonder Woman skin variations you can choose if you wanted some variety too.

Download here



"I am vengeance! I am the night! I am a Minecraft skin!"

Get the Dark Knight himself as a skin for Minecraft and you will join many others who have done the same – it is up there with the most popular skins you can own.

Download here

Iron Man

minecraft iron man

We love this skin 3000! If you are over the devastating events of Avengers: Endgame and you are ready to have some Iron Man in your life again then grab this skin. A very significant enemy of Tony Stark appears further down this list too...

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Captain America

captain america skin minecraft

While he is the former Captain America now if you go by the MCU timeline, you can relive the days of Steve Rogers with this Captain America skin. It might make Cap look cute rather than a formidable warrior, but still it's a great skin and another Avenger to add to the skin line-up.


microsoft thanos

Let's finish up with one of the biggest and the baddest super-villains around - Thanos himself! The man who had the power to wipe out 50 per cent of the universe is now a Minecraft skin and he is a go-to choice for us – and as a Minecraft skin, he actually looks, dare we say it, quite cute!

The best Minecraft skins for Star Wars fans


minecraft chewbacca

"WWWWWWWGGGGHHHRRRRW" is Wookie for "Hey look, I'm a Minecraft skin and you should totally play as me". Alright, so it could just as easily mean that Chewy needs some water but regardless, play as one of the most beloved Star Wars characters of all time in Minecraft with the Chewbacca skin!


lando skin minecraft

Lando was one of the best characters in the original trilogy and we will hear no more about it - yes, we think Donald Glover did a great job in the somewhat underrated Solo, but nobody can match Billy Dee Williams. So play as the legendary and classic Lando in Minecraft with this awesome looking skin!

Jabba the Hut

minecraft jabba

Another Star Wars classic character now and this time it is the villainous Jabba the Hut! So if taking on the form of one of the biggest space gangsters around appeals to you then Jabba up and get playing.

The best Minecraft skins for movie fans


minecraft elsa

We could not do this list without mentioning at least one major Disney animated character and while there are many that you can choose from, Elsa looks so great as a Minecraft skin that we had no choice but to pick her for this list!

Read more:

Indiana Jones

indina jones minecraft skin

Indiana Jones star Harrison Ford may have been injured on the set of the next movie but he is fighting fit as a Minecraft skin. So make the wait for the next film a little less painful by dressing up as the man himself in the game!


pennywise minecraft skin

Next up is just about the creepiest thing we have ever seen. Yes, you can get a Pennywise skin and walk about the world of Minecraft making everyone else uncomfortable. But if you do decide that this is the skin for you, may we suggest reevaluating your life choices?


shrek skin minecraft

Get out of the swamp and into the block-filled world of Minecraft with Shrek. This is another go-to skin for us - just look at him! There is also a Donkey skin but it does not look anywhere near as good as we had hoped - so we'll always favour Shrek.

The best Minecraft Skins for TV fans

Ash Ketchum

minecraft ash

There may not be the option to catch Pokémon in Minecraft but that does not mean that Ash Ketchum is a no show! And if you are a fan of another pop culture icon named Ash, you can also get the Ash skin for The Evil Dead franchise!

Homer Simpson

minecraft homer

Knock back a few cans of Duff beer and make sure you have a tray of pink doughnuts at the ready as you can play as the lovable Homer Simpson in Minecraft if you equip this skin! It's not just Homer that's available though as you can get skins for the whole Simpsons family - including baby Maggie.

Bob the Builder

minecraft bob builder

A fitting skin to have for a game like Minecraft that involves lots of building, Bob is another that you can get in the game. Sadly, he doesn't just take over all the building for you and he offers no extra skills, but if you are going to go around building things then you may as well do it while looking like Bob the Builder!


kermit skin minecraft

It's not easy being green, but it is easy to walk around the virtual world of Minecraft while looking like Kermit the frog! There is many a muppet that you can appear as in Minecraft but it has to be Kermit for us - a true muppet legend if ever there was one.

Daenerys Targaryen

dany minecraft skin

Relive the glory days where most of us loved Games of Thrones and weren't let down by a rushed ending with this skin of the Mother of Dragons herself! But if there is also a Jon Snow skin doing the rounds then keep them apart - for multiple reasons.


A Custom Minecraft skin of Garfield
greybaby,, Mojang

He's round, he's orange, he loves lasagna and his girlfriend, Arlene. He's Garfield. Minecraft has a distinct lack of the sardonic tabby and fortunuately skin-expert greybaby on felt this way too and included their excellent rendition.

Even More Handsome Squidward

A Custom Minecraft skin of "Even more Handsome Squidward" from Sponebob Squarepants
hunnibees,, Mojang

"Oh no, he's hot!" Squidward once lamented about arch nemesis Squilliam Fancyson, but no more, for Spongebob Squarepants accidentally slammed a door in his face during "The Two Faces of Squidward" and we now get to live our best Minecraft lives donning his chiseled appearance with thanks going to hunnibees on

The best Minecraft Skins for gaming fans

Geralt of Rivia

geralt skin minecraft

We will never tire of playing The Witcher games, so Geralt's Minecraft skin is a go-to for us and definitely one of our personal favourite skins that you can get hold of in the game.

Master Chief

master chief skin minecraft

The wait for the hugely anticipated Halo Infinite has felt like an eternity and seeing as we still have at least a few months to go until we can finally start playing it, why not bring some Halo into your Minecraft world with this super cool Master Chief skin?


yoshi minecraft skin

We could have gone with any number of Mario characters here, even the moustached plumber himself, but let's allow Yoshi a moment in the spotlight! It's just a fun-looking skin this one and the green really makes it stand out - so it's our choice from the world of Mario.

Isaac Clarke


The protagonist of the Dead Space series (that will be back soon with the Dead Space remake), Isaac has a hell of a cool suit in that franchise. And it looks just as good when transported over into the world of Minecraft too!

Lara Croft

lara croft skin tomb raider

Every game needs a character as cool as Tomb Raider legend, Lara Croft, and Minecraft is no exception. We seemingly have no new Tomb Raider games on the horizon in the near future so you may as well create some new adventures for Lara in the Minecraft world.



For many, Ezio Auditore da Firenze is still the hooded individual that they think of when hearing the words Assassin's Creed. He may not have been the main character in the franchise for many years now, but there is a reason he is so beloved and he looks pretty awesome as a Minecraft skin.

link minecraft skin

The wait for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 may be a long one with late 2022 being the current release date, so kill some time by bringing Link into your Minecraft adventures. Or play every Zelda game in order - whichever you fancy!


tetris skin minecraft

If you love the game Tetris, and you should because it remains a classic, then this skin is a must-own. Even if you are not a fan of the game it is still such a fun and unique looking skin that you may want it anyway!

Gordon Freeman

A Custom Minecraft skin of Gordon Freeman from Half Life
AzFanatic345,, Mojang

Is it really that time again? Unfortunately not as we haven't seen a Half Life game since 2020's excellent HL: Alyx. But for now, we can make do Azfanatic345's fantastically blocky rendition of everyone's favourite crowbar-wielding MIT graduate, Gordon Freeman, available from

The best Minecraft Skins for music fans

Billie Eilish

minecraft billie eilish

No, we are not joking as you actually can get a skin of singing sensation Billie Eilish while playing Minecraft now. And she has a skin, based on the music video to Bad Guy, that is far more detailed than you may expect - have a look close up when you have this skin to see what we mean!

Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran in Minecraft

Until the pop-culture machine serves up an official Ed Sheeran video game (oh man, doesn't that sound scarily feasible?), this Minecraft skin is the best way for Sheeran's many fans to dress up as the musician in the gaming world. The wristbands are a nice touch.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga Minecraft skin

It'll only take a quick search to discover that there are actually loads of Lady Gaga skins in Minecraft for players to choose from, with pretty much all of her famous fashion choices being adapted into the game by loyal fans from around the globe. We'd expect no less, to be honest with you!

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