For a game that came out 14 years ago, Minecraft is still as culturally relevant as ever.


This procedurally generated blocky world is a gift that keeps one giving, with new generations constantly falling in love with its combination of crafting, survival and retro-style visuals.

And the latest patch aims to keep Minecraft as the institution it always has been. Version 1.20.40 is here, and there are plenty of changes.

Wondering what they are? Let's take a look at the latest Minecraft update.

What changed in the Minecraft update today?

Available on all Bedrock Edition platforms, Version 1.20.40 brings a combination of traditional fixes, and a tease of new features that might make an appearance in future versions.

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A few of the in-game sounds have been upgraded, such as the splashing when you jump into water. So don't panic if you think you're hearing things, because that really has changed!

And as for the gameplay, a few of the villager trades have been rebalanced, and buckets can't pick up liquids in the same way.

There are many more changes, too. Let's take a look at the whole lot.

Full patch notes for latest Minecraft update

We'll say here that it is a long list, so we won't share it all. Feel free to check out the complete patch notes on the official website here.

There are significant tweaks to the gameplay, mobs and audio, as well as new experimental features, such as the aforementioned villager trade rebalancing, upgraded Cartographers and Armourers and changes to the loot structure.

There are also technical updates regarding commands, add-ons and the blocks and items.

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