It may be well over a decade since the launch of Minecraft, but the 'blocktastic' sandbox game is showing no signs of fatigue - with its latest 1.21 update on the way.


Originally unveiled to the world at Minecraft Live in October 2023, the new update is now being tested in various ways, with the full rollout expected later this year.

Naturally, developer Mojang has been teasing what can be expected, along with some official news. We also have the odd rumour or two.

Everything from fresh weapons and powers to new ways of unlocking exciting rewards are on the way. Having shifted over 300 million copies, Mojang is making sure its player base is contoured over the course of 2024.

Let's dive into the details of what's in store for the Minecraft 1.21 update, including what's available to test now and the release date of when it will be available for everyone.

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When is the Minecraft 1.21 release date?

A character in Minecraft using a sword and wind charge
Minecraft. Mojang

Mojang has yet to reveal an official release date for Minecraft 1.21, at the time of writing.

As the last two updates - The Wild and Trails and Tales - were both made live in June, it's fair to assume the next update will arrive at a similar time.

So with that, we'd expect Minecraft 1.21 to release sometime in June 2024. As soon as anything official is confirmed, we'll make sure to update this page.

Minecraft 1.21 update news, rumours and predictions

As for what the update will include, we have lots of details on that due to the Minecraft Live event in October 2023, as well as a few blog updates that have shared more details on what's in the pipeline.

Let's take a look at the new features:

The Vault

The vault in Minecraft with three players standing around a box
Vaults in Minecraft. Mojang

Vaults were uploaded into Minecraft for testing on 31st January 2024. The big difference between these and chests is that this loot can only be found in trial chambers - and Vaults reward every player.

Wind Charge

Wind charge in Minecraft
Wind Charge in Minecraft. Mojang

A new item in the form of the Wind Charge, which allows players to harness the element's power, is now being tested ahead of its full rollout. It cannot be crafted and can only be obtained from defeating breezes.

By utilising the wind, you can launch a "powerful projectile of air" at enemies, which will send them hurdling back alongside inflicting damage.


A Minecraft character wielding the Mace against a backdrop, in an official screenshot.
A Mace in Minecraft. Mojang

A new weapon known as the Mace is now available for testing in Minecraft Snapshot and Minecraft Preview. It can be crafted by combining a Breeze Rod with a Heavy Core. Once created, it has lots of special attacks and can help negate fall damage.


Wolves in Minecraft 1.21 update looking up at a player
Wolves in Minecraft. Mojang

After years of requests from fans, eight new variations of wolves are coming to Minecraft. This was confirmed in a blog post in March, where testing has now begun in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition beta and Preview and Minecraft: Java Edition snapshot.

Customisable wolf armour is also available, which will absorb all enemy damage until it breaks.

The new wolf variations include:

  • The Pale Wolf
  • The Rusty Wolf
  • The Spotted Wolf
  • The Black Wolf
  • The Striped Wolf
  • The Snowy Wolf
  • The Ashen Wolf
  • The Woods Wolf
  • The Chestnut Wolf

Everything else

Minecraft crafter showing three players looking at a box
Minecraft. Mojang

Other expected features include:

  • Crafter - a cool new utility block that allows automated crafting.
  • The Breeze - a new hostile mob.
  • Armadillo - a new passive mob.
  • Trial Chambers - a new procedurally generated structure.
  • Trial Spawner - another spawner that produces mobs and loot.
  • New blocks - a few new decorative blocks.
  • Copper Bulb - a new light source block.

Minecraft is available on Windows, Mac and Linux while the Minecraft: Bedrock Edition is available across PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and mobile.

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