Is the Warden in Minecraft yet? If you've been asking questions like that, pondering aloud about the Minecraft Warden release date, we've got an article that should soothe those worries to some extent.


The main thing you need to know is that the Warden will come to Minecraft on the same day as the Minecraft 1.19 update (also known as The Wild Update), which is set to be this year's biggest overhaul to the game. In that same update, the Deep Dark will be added to Minecraft, giving the Warden a special place to do his evil bidding.

But what else do you need to know about the Warden's arrival in Minecraft? Keep on reading and we'll spell it all out for you as best we can.

When is the Minecraft Warden release date?

The Warden release date in Minecraft will occur at some point in 2022. As soon as a more precise date is confirmed, we'll be sure to let you know.

Although this new mob was originally expected to appear in last year's Caves & Cliffs part two update (also known as Minecraft version 1.18), Mojang announced at Minecraft Live 2021 that the Warden will not spawn in Minecraft until The Wild Update (1.19) arrives in our lives.

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So if you've been asking, 'has the Warden been released yet', you'll be sorry to hear that the wait is still ongoing. When the Warden release date is confirmed, we'll update this page.

What is the Warden in Minecraft?

The Warden, when it arrives in Minecraft, will be a hostile mob that lives underground in the Deep Dark, surrounded by sinister Sculk blocks. It has a visible heartbeat that will vary in intensity depending on how many hits it has taken, which is pretty creepy as a concept.

One tricky thing about the Warden is that it's stronger than poison and wither, in some respects. Even if you manage to attack a Warden with one of these status effects, it will still keep coming for you. Thankfully, if your stamina is good enough, you should be able to outrun the Warden.

What do Minecraft Wardens do?

Unlike all of the previous mobs in the game, the Warden is blind – instead of stalking you using eyesight, it will use a skill akin to echolocation to sense vibrations and follow sounds as it tries to hunt you down.

Here are a few fun facts for you: the Warden will have a visible heartbeat, and you will be able to trick the Warden with sounds (e.g. you could fire arrows and throw snowballs away from yourself to distract it with the sound).

Leaning into the scary side of Minecraft, it looks like Wardens spend their time hiding out in the Deep Dark, where the low levels of lighting make it easy to get the drop on unsuspecting players. Once a Warden works out where you are, it will try to kill you.

Want to take a look for yourself? The first footage of the Warden mob was shared at Minecraft Live 2020, and it still makes for scary viewing:

Can you kill the Warden in Minecraft?

Fans are predicting that the Warden will be the strongest mob in Minecraft yet, so you'll want to come kitted out in your best armour if you're trying to take one on. Some are even saying that the Warden will be like a natural disaster – you'd rather run away from one than try to fight it.

One nugget of information we know about the Warden is that it will be capable of inflicting 13 damage on Netherite armour, which certainly makes it sound like one of the toughest monsters to ever grace the game of Minecraft.

We don't know how much total health a Warden has, but we'd wager that it's quite a lot. We do expect that you will be able to kill a Warden, but we wouldn't think that is an easy task. When more information becomes available, we'll be sure to let you know.

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How to spawn a Warden in Minecraft

If you're wondering how to find the Warden in Minecraft, you're just going to have to wait – the Warden is not in the game yet, so there's no way to spawn one at the moment. If you've been asking yourself if there is a Warden spawn egg, the answer to that question is no for the time being.

When The Wild Update finally arrives and brings Wardens with it, the easiest way to find a Warden will probably be to head into the Deep Dark and look around for a while. If you make enough noise, a Warden will probably find you. Be careful what you wish for, though!

Will the Warden drop anything?

As things stand, we don't yet know if the Warden will drop anything in Minecraft. Of course, players would love to be rewarded for taking down such a tricky foe, so we would hope that a hefty drop item is revealed for the Warden eventually. We'll be sure to update this page as we learn more.

While we wait for the Warden's 2022 release date to roll around, take a look at the video below to enhance your understanding of The Wild Update and everything it has in store.

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