The Minecraft creators from Mojang and a team of developers called Game Mode One have teamed up with Dreamworks for a special How to Train Your Dragon DLC, which is available from the in-game Minecraft Marketplace right now.


Although the main How to Train Your Dragon film series appeared to reach a natural conclusion in 2019's How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, Dreamworks has kept the franchise alive with small-screen spinoffs, video games and other multimedia expansions. So it shouldn't come as a massive surprise that Minecraft is now getting a slice of the dragon-riding action.

With the Dragons franchise and Minecraft itself both being very popular with younger audiences, this seems like a perfect match, and you can read on to learn everything about the brand-new Minecraft: How to Train Your Dragon DLC.

What is the Minecraft: How to Train Your Dragon DLC?

The How to Train Your Dragon DLC in Minecraft packs in plenty of fun content: you can ride around on dragons, take part in missions and explore a number of islands.

The iconic movie location of Berk is a core part of the DLC, and you can also visit the islands of the Barbaric Archipelago. There will be racing, map-making and heroic rescues to take part in.

In terms of characters, the official Minecraft website confirms that Hiccup, Toothless, Stoick the Vast, Astrid, and Snotlout will all appear. There are 24 skins available in the DLC, and there's also a free Character Creator item that you can use to make your own characters.

How much is the Minecraft: How to Train Your Dragon DLC price?

You can buy the Minecraft: How to Train Your Dragon DLC for £6.69 from the Minecraft Marketplace, so load up to the game and head to the Marketplace if you want to get involved. It's worth noting that players with an Xbox Game Pass membership should be able to get a 10 per cent discount on that. Either way, though, it's pretty affordable!

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Is there a trailer for the Minecraft: How to Train Your Dragon DLC?

The best way to wrap your head around the Minecraft: How to Train Your Dragon DLC is to check out the trailer below, which offers a sweeping overview of the fun on offer - scored by that beautiful soundtrack from the films. Enjoy!

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