Did you know you can make your own custom Minecraft skins? Well, you can and it is not too tricky to do.


There are several Minecraft skin editors online that you can use to make your own Minecraft skins - or some people prefer to call them Minecraft skin makers, rather than editors, but it's much of a muchness really.

Being able to create custom skins and upload them into Minecraft means that you can dress your character up as whoever you want - check out our rundown of the best Minecraft skins if you're looking for some inspiration!

To learn everything there is to know about creating custom skins in the world of Minecraft, read on for our handy guide!

What is a Minecraft Skin Editor?

Players of Minecraft will know that when it comes to customisation, there are few games out there that even come close to offering the scale of it that Minecraft does.

For players that want to make custom skins, there are skin makers out there that you can use to do just that! These skin editors are dedicated websites where you can tinker with skins to your heart's content.

Such websites include Skindex and Novaskin - there are many choices out there to pick from and all the major ones work just as well as each other. They all seem to be safe choices.

Is there an official Minecraft skin editor? The answer to that question seems to be no, but the fan-made ones will all do the job perfectly well - to the point that an official one does not even feel needed. A lot of people ask what is the best skin editor for Minecraft, but all the popular ones will do what you need them to.

How to make your own skins in Minecraft

Once you've clicked your way into a skin editor website like Skindex, you will see all the customisation options there for you when for first access the site.

From here, you can play around as much as you like - and you will probably lose more hours than you realise when you get going. You can pick from a wide range of colours and arrange them all however you wish on a pixel-by-pixel basis.

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How to upload your custom skin to Minecraft

Once you have made your skin, how do you get it into your Minecraft game?

  • Look for the 'Download to computer' button that is normally on the right of the screen and click it.
  • Now open Minecraft and then select 'Skins' which you will see on the main menu.
  • Then select 'Browse skin'.
  • Make your way to your 'Downloads' folder' when the box opens and choose your shiny new skin

Now it should show up in the game and you can use it and show it off to all that are playing with you. But is Minecraft skin editor safe? Well, yes it is, but it does have the risk of eating up whatever free time you have left.

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