Death in Paradise has kept viewers on their toes throughout season 13.


Commissioner Selwyn Patterson was shot, but thankfully survived, Marlon Pryce left to accompany his sister to Jamaica, Dwayne Myers returned to offer the team some support following the loss of their colleague, Florence Cassell is back on the scene after leaving witness protection – and, as if that isn't more than enough for one season, Neville decided to depart to go travelling.

And – yes, there's more – Florence now has romantic feelings for Neville, with the finale potentially setting up a happily ever after for the pair.

Like we said, it's been eventful.

Alongside all of the comings and goings involving the main cast, the team have had their hands full with a number of grisly murders – which has seen the arrival of a number of new guest stars.

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Read on for everything you need to know about the characters and where you've seen the actors who play them before.

Death in Paradise season 13 main cast

The main cast of Death in Paradise is as follows:

  • Ralf Little as DI Neville Parker
  • Don Warrington as Commissioner Selwyn Patterson
  • Shantol Jackson as Sergeant Naomi Thomas
  • Élizabeth Bourgine as Catherine Bordey
  • Ginny Holder as Officer Darlene Curtis

Ralf Little plays DI Neville Parker

Neville Parker sat at a desk, working on his laptop in Death in Paradise
Ralf Little plays Neville Parker. BBC/Red Planet Pictures/Denis Guyenon

Who is DI Neville Parker? Neville Parker is Saint Marie's resident detective inspector – the fourth lead detective in the show's history following Richard Poole (Ben Miller), Humphrey Goodman (Kris Marshall) and Jack Mooney (Ardal O'Hanlon).

Last season, sparks were flying between Neville and holidaymaker Sophie, but their love story crashed and burned when it emerged that she was on a mission to destroy him as revenge for the death of her sister – who Neville had arrested many years ago. Will he ever get lucky in love? And how long will he remain in Saint Marie?

What else has Ralf Little been in? Before joining the cast of Death in Paradise back in 2020, Little was best known for his roles on the sitcoms The Royle Family and Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps.

Don Warrington plays Commissioner Selwyn Patterson

Commissioner Selwyn Patterson (Don Warrington) in Death in Paradise. He is sat at a bar, nursing a drink. He is wearing a blue shirt and a purple tie, looking somewhat distressed.
Don Warrington plays Selwyn Patterson. Red Planet Pictures/Denis Guyenon

Who is Commissioner Selwyn Patterson? Selwyn Patterson has been an integral part of Death in Paradise since the first season and oversees the running of the island's police department. In the last season, Selwyn discovered that he has a grown-up daughter, which he found difficult to process at first. At the beginning of season 13, his life is hanging in the balance after he's shot.

What else has Don Warrington been in? Warrington has appeared in countless productions on stage and screen. with highlights including playing Philip in Rising Damp, and appearing in Doctor Who's Rise of the Cybermen back in 2006. In 2008, he took part in Strictly Come Dancing, in which he was partnered with Lilia Kopylova.

Shantol Jackson plays Sergeant Naomi Thomas

Shantol Jackson in Death in Paradise series 11, episode 1
Shantol Jackson plays Naomi Thomas. BBC / Red Planet / Denis Guyenon

Who is Naomi Thomas? Naomi joined in season 11 and fast became an integral member of the team. Prior to her entrance, she had never been part of a murder investigation before, but quickly adapted. In last year's festive episode, she made a move on her colleague Marlon after one too many cocktails.

What else has Shantol Jackson been in? Death in Paradise is something of a career breakthrough for Jackson, but she has previously appeared in a small role in Idris Elba's film Yardie and had a main part in 2018 sports movie Sprinter.

Élizabeth Bourgine plays Catherine Bordey

Ralf Little as Neville and Élizabeth Bourgine as Catherine in Death in Paradise
Élizabeth Bourgine plays Catherine Bordey. BBC / Red Planet Pictures / Denis Guyenon

Who is Catherine Bordey? Catherine Bordey is the island's mayor and owns her own beachfront bar. She's also a solid advice-giver and will jump at any chance to set Neville up on a date. In season 13, she "finds herself embroiled in a murder case when an old friend becomes a suspect".

What else has Élizabeth Bourgine been in? Like Jobert, Élizabeth Bourgiune is French and has appeared in several shows and movies in her home country, including Private Lessons, A Heart in Winter, and My Best Friend.

Ginny Holder plays Officer Darlene Curtis

Death in Paradise 2022 Christmas Special
Darlene Curtis plays Ginny Holder. BBC

Who is Darlene Curtis? We first met Darlene in season 7 when she entered the frame as Dwayne Myers's love interest. She was initially the police station's office admin, but she's now a key part of the team. "She goes from trainee to Officer extraordinaire, which is major for her," said Holder. "She's still quite feisty. She can never lose that because it's so needed."

What else has Ginny Holder been in? Holder is best known for her role in Holby City, but has also starred in Doctors, DCI Banks, The Capture and Ragdoll.

Death in Paradise season 13 episode 1 guest stars

Marlon Collins, wearing a suit, stood in front a red curtain,. looking worried
Death in Paradise. Red Planet Pictures/Denis Guyenon
  • Sean Maguire (Death in Paradise, Once Upon a Time) plays Marlon Collins - the temporary manager at the yacht club
  • Marson Francisco (Doctors) plays young Selwyn
  • Leon Herbert (The Paradise Club) plays Lincoln StClair - Selwyn's childhood friend
  • Cathy Tyson (Help) plays Jacqueline StClair - Lincoln's wife
  • Mensah Bediako (Andor) plays Alton Garvey - he's just moved to Saint Marie
  • Sara Martins as Camille Bordey - a former Death in Paradise detective and Catherine's daughter

Death in Paradise season 13 episode 2 guest stars

Selwyn Patterson (DON WARRINGTON) and Andrina Harper (GENESIS LYNEA) in Death in Paradise.
Death in Paradise. BBC
  • Genesis Lynea (Silent Witness) plays Andrina - Selwyn's daughter
  • Hayley Mills (Pollyanna) plays Nancy Martin - a care home resident who's found dead on a beach
  • Kevin Harvey (The Inheritance) plays Phillipe Verane - the care home manager
  • Juliet Cowan (Back to Life) plays Eloise Mirie - Nancy's cousin
  • Ellie Haddington (Coronation Street) plays Barbara Mitchell - another care home resident
  • Akiya Henry plays Oona Martin - Nancy's adopted daughter

Death in Paradise season 13 episode 3 guest stars

Lucky sat on the beach looking out at the ocean
Death in Paradise. Red Planet Pictures/Denis Guyenon
  • Kate Robbins (The Couple Next Door) plays Lucky Clayborn - a chef, who is also an old friend of Catherine's
  • Michael Fenton Stevens (The Archers) plays Tristan Clayborn - Lucky's husband, who is also a chef
  • Gordon Kennedy (Robin Hood) plays Stanley Drake - a top restauranteur who's looking for a new head chef
  • Yasmin Mwanza (Stephen) plays Celeste Duvall - she enters a competition to become Stanley's new chef
  • Shvorne Marks (Three Little Birds) plays Dionne Bertrand - she also enters Stanley's contest
  • Genesis Lynea (Silent Witness) plays Andrina - Selwyn's daughter

Death in Paradise season 13 episode 4 guest stars

Ivan and Petra stood opposite one another inside the computer shop
Death in Paradise. BBC
  • Leah Brotherhead (Hullraisers) plays Petra McQuillan - a British expat who works as a care worker
  • Pearce Quigley (Detectorists) plays Ivan McQuillan - Petra's dad. He runs a computer repair shop
  • Leah Walker (Sherwood) plays Laurette Duschamps - Petra's best friend. She was taken in by Ivan after her mother died and works in the shop alongside him
  • Ben Wiggins (You) plays Ellis Baxter - Petra's fiancé
  • Jonathan Jules (Why Didn't They Ask Evans?) plays Chayce Jones - he works at the local electricity substation

Death in Paradise season 13 episode 5 guest stars

Taj Atwal as Zoe and Ralf Little DI Neville Parker.
Death in Paradise. (RALF LIRed Planet Pictures/Denis Guyenon
  • Taj Atwal (Hullraisers) as Zoe Ainsworth - she confronts Neville at Catherine's bar
  • Guy Henry (Holby City) as Ray Saunders - an old associate of Marlon's
  • Mark Strepan (Before We Die) as Max Saunders - Ray's son
  • Kevin Garry (Ted Lasso) as Booker StJean - an associate of Ray's
  • Miai Leonie Phillip (Andy and the Band) as Jocelyn Pryce - Marlon's sister
  • Tobi Bakare as JP Hooper - a former Honoré Police sergeant

Death in Paradise season 13 episode 6 guest stars

Dwayne in Death In Paradise
Death in Paradise.
  • Danny John-Jules as Dwayne Myers
  • Joséphine Jobert as DS Florence Cassell
  • Ronni Ancona (Last Tango in Halifax) as Lexi 'Alexandria' Reece - a local tour guide
  • Taj Atwal (Hullraisers) as Zoe Ainsworth - Neville's ex-girlfriend
  • Gabrielle Glaister (Coronation Street) as Cora Blyth - a tourist who's murdered
  • Ellise Chappell (Poldark) as Holly Portlake - Cora's daughter
  • John Gordon Sinclair (Traces) as Joe Blyth - Cora's husband
  • Ali Ariaie (The Great) as Sam Portlake - Ellise's husband

Death in Paradise season 13 episode 7 guest stars

Florence sat at a table outside, deep in thought
Death in Paradise. BBC
  • Joséphine Jobert as DS Florence Cassell
  • Danny John-Jules as Dwayne Myers
  • Django Chan-Reeves (Van der Valk) as Cressida Dempsey - a social media influencer who takes a group of her friends on a luxury holiday to the Caribbean
  • Tyrone Huntley (A Small Light) as Hugo Kingsley - Cressida's friend and an aspiring politician
  • Emma Sidi (Starstruck) as Amelia Templeton - a lawyer who is part of Cressida's friendship circle
  • Will Hislop (One Day) as Barney Keats - a friend of Cressida's who accompanies her on her holiday
  • Eve Ponsonby (Carnival Row) as Abigail Warner - a young woman who is found dead in a swimming pool

Death in Paradise season 13 episode 8 guest stars

Ralf Little as DI Neville Parker in Death in Paradise. He is standing against a suspect board and looking concerned.
Ralf Little as DI Neville Parker in Death in Paradise. BBC
  • Calvin Demba (Hollyoaks) as Kurt Henderson - a passenger on Neville's plane, who is found dead
  • Richard Lintern (Silent Witness) as Peter Holcroft - the pilot
  • Rachel Adedeji (Hollyoaks) as Monette Gilbert - Peter's co-pilot
  • Jules Miesch (Élizabeth Bourgine's son) as Raphael Coty - another passenger on the plane
  • Richard Fleeshman (Cronation Street) as Taylor Fielding and Emma Naomi (Professor T) as Chelsea Fielding - a married couple who Kurt lived with
  • Joséphine Jobert as DS Florence Cassell
  • Danny John-Jules as Dwayne Myers

Death in Paradise former cast members

Ben Miller played DI Richard Poole

Ben Miller in Death in Paradise

Who is DI Richard Poole? The first lead detective to feature on Death in Paradise, Richard Poole was a very accomplished detective – who was shockingly murdered in the first episode of season 3.

What else has Ben Miller been in? Miller is well known as one half of the comedy double act Armstrong and Miller alongside Alexander Armstrong, while other major roles have included playing James Lester in Primeval, Lord Featherington in Bridgerton and the title character in Professor T.

Kris Marshall played DI Humphrey Goodman

Kris Marshall as DI Humphrey Goodman in Death in Paradise.

Who is DI Humphrey Goodman? Poole's replacement on Saint Marie, Humphrey Goodman arrived on the island in season 3 and became chief inspector. He enjoyed life in Saint Marie and was known for solving mysteries very quickly. He left to start a new chapter with his girlfriend Martha, but we saw him again in Death in Paradise spin-off Beyond Paradise.

What else has Kris Marshall been in? Marshall is well-known for playing the role of Nick Harper in My Family and for a memorable turn in Love, Actually, in addition to playing Tom Parker in Sanditon.

Ardal O'Hanlon played DI Jack Mooney

Ardal O'Hanlon as DI Jack Mooney in Death in Paradise

Who is DI Jack Mooney? The third lead detective in the show's run, Mooney took over from Goodman and was a friendly and unassuming inspector. He was planning to travel the world with his love interest Anna, hut instead headed back to London to spend more time with his daughter.

What else has Ardal O'Hanlon been in? O'Hanlon is best known for playing Father Dougal McGuire in Father Ted and George Sunday in My Hero, in addition to his successful stand-up career.

Sara Martins played DS Camille Bordey

Sara Martins plays DS Camille Bordey in Death in Paradise

Who is DS Camille Bordey? A Detective Sergeant who worked under both Richard Poole and Humphrey Goodman, Camille is the daughter of Catherine. She was departed the island after being assigned an undercover job in Paris.

What else has Sara Martins been in? Martins has appeared in a number of series both in the UK and in France including Father Brown, Grand Hôteland and The Coroner.

Danny John-Jules played Dwayne Myers

Dwayne in Death In Paradise

Who is Dwayne Myers? Dwayne was a long-serving police officer at Honoré Police Station, appearing in 57 episodes of the show – and knew the island of Saint Marie better than anyone. He left to spend time with his estranged father in London, who was ill. He did briefly return in the 2021 Christmas special, before exiting once again, but now he's back. It remains to be seen how long he sticks around for.

What else has Danny John-Jules been in? John-Jules is best known for playing Cat in Red Dwarf, while other credits include a role on CBBC children's spy drama M.I. High and CBeebies series The Story Makers.

Joséphine Jobert plays DS Florence Cassell

Joséphine Jobert plays DS Florence Cassell in Death in Paradise

Who is DS Florence Cassell? Florence worked alongside Neville in the Saint Marie police force as a detective sergeant, and had something of a will-they / won't-they romance with the detective. But she later told him that she only sees him as a friend. Florence then left Saint Marie due to being in danger after exposing a major big-time criminal, but she's since popped up in season 13 after exiting witness protection – and she now has feelings for Neville. But will they make a go of it?

What else has Joséphine Jobert been in? Death in Paradise is the most high profile gig from Jobert's career to date, but other roles have included a number of TV shows in her homeland France including Cut and Time Is a Killer.

Gary Carr played Fidel Best

Gary Carr as Fidel Best

Who is Fidel Best? Originally an officer – before being promoted to Sergeant, Fidel was a young investigator who was known for his organisational abilities and his eagerness to impress. He went on to work in St Lucia.

What else has Gary Carr been in? Since leaving Death in Paradise in 2014, Carr has had major roles in a number of series including The Deuce and Trigonometry as well as appearing in four episodes of Downton Abbey and films including Bolden and 21 Bridges.

Tobi Bakare played JP Hooper

Tobi Bakare plays JP Hooper in Death in Paradise

Who is JP Hooper? A sergeant who is close friends with Dwayne Myers, JP had always dreamed of being a diligent and hard working police officer. He left to take on a new job, but did return briefly in season 13.

What else has Tobi Bakare been in? Bakare played Jamal in the first two Kingsman films and has also had regular roles on The Tunnel and The Smoke.

Aude Legastelois-Bidé played DS Madeleine Dumas

Aude Legastelois plays Madeleine Dumas in Death in Paradise

Who is DS Madeleine Dumas? A Detective Sergeant who worked alongside Jack Mooney, arrived in Saint Marie after living in Paris for most of her life. She moved back to Paris after being offered a promotion.

What else has Aude Legastelous-Bidé been in? Legastelois-Bidé has also appeared in episodes of Nox and The Hookup Plan.

Shyko Amos played Ruby Patterson

Shyko Amos plays Ruby Patterson in Death in Paradise

Who is Ruby Patterson? An officer who replaced Dwayne Myers on the Honoré Police Station team, Ruby was just starting her career in the police – and is the niece of Commissioner Selwyn Patterson. After a trip to Paris, she decided to remain there permanently.

What else has Shyko Amos been in? Besides Death in Paradise, Amos most high-profile appearance to date was in an episode of A Very English Scandal in 2018.

Tahj Miles plays Officer Marlon Pryce

Marlon standing having a drink at a party wearing a brown suit
Tahj Miles plays Marlon Pryce. Red Planet Pictures/Denis Guyenon

Who is Marlon Pryce? Marlon was first seen on Death in Paradise as a petty criminal who spent his days scamming tourists, before becoming an officer with the local police force. In season 13, his sister received a scholarship to a school in Jamaica and with their mum unable to accompany her, he volunteered to go instead.

What else has Tahj Miles been in? Miles previously appeared as part of the main cast on the CBBC series Class Dismissed, and also had a role in Steve McQueen's Mangrove – part of the Small Axe series of films on BBC One.

All 12 past seasons of Death in Paradise are available to stream now on BBC iPlayer.

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