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Minecraft toys: Best figures, plushes and gifts for fans

Tis the season to be buying gifts!

minecraft steve plush
Published: Monday, 11th October 2021 at 3:46 pm

It should come as no surprise that there are loads of Minecraft toys on the market, from figures and plushes to LEGO sets and other collectables.


Minecraft remains one of the titans of the gaming world with its popularity continuing to grow, and it does not look like things will be slowing down for it any time soon.

There is every chance that you have at least one person in your home that is a Minecraft lover, and so you may well be looking for all the Minecraft related gifts that you can buy.

With the market absolutely saturated with Minecraft toys in all different shapes and sizes, we have chosen some of the best out there to save you a bit of time!

Best Minecraft figures

Minecraft Ultimate Ender Dragon and Steve Figure


One of the cooler figures in a sea of cool figures is the Minecraft Ultimate Ender Dragon and Steve Figure. This is no small toy, measuring at over 50cm wing to wing and over 55cm from tip to tail. And not only that, but it lights up too and the colour changes when it receives "damage". We'll probably be playing with this a lot ourselves if we're honest.

Buy Minecraft Ultimate Ender Dragon and Steve Figure at Smyths (£49.99)

Minecraft Comic Maker Alex Action Figure


This is neat! The figure itself can be used with a Minecraft comic app that allows people to create their own Minecraft stories in comic form! Also you can just put it on a shelf and stare at it, the choice is yours!

Buy Minecraft Comic Maker Alex Action Figure at Amazon (£15.79)

​Minecraft Dungeons 3.25-Inch Collectible Battle Figure

minecraft dungeons collectibles

There are some things in this world that we want simply because they look cool. Meet the ​Minecraft Dungeons 3.25-Inch Collectible Battle Figure which fits into that category extremely well. We'd happily have this on our shelf right now and we are sure any Minecraft fan would feel the same way!

Buy ​Minecraft Dungeons 3.25-Inch Collectible Battle Figure at Amazon (£10.04)

Minecraft Fusion Figures - Wolf


One of the great things about these is that the parts are swappable with other Fusion Figures so they always have more life that can be added to them. They are also a simple way of getting kids to build things as these do need to be assembled, but doing so is easy and a great way for them to learn while having fun.

Buy Minecraft Fusion Figures Wolf at Amazon (£10.40)

Best Minecraft plushes

Minecraft 20cm Plush - Bee

minecraft bee plush

There is a lot of buzz around Minecraft toys and collectables but this is the buzziest of them all! Pick up this Minecraft bee plush and if the reviews are anything to go by, children will not want to leave the house without it once they own one - same for us, we just hide it when we're in public.

Buy Minecraft 20cm Plush - Bee at Smyths (£9.99)

Minecraft 20cm Plush - Axolotl

axolotl plush toy

An Axolotl is a paedomorphic salamander that has its origins in Mexico. It also happens to be something that you can find in Minecraft - and you can own one at home that is super cuddly with this plush toy!

Buy Minecraft 20cm Plush - Axolotl at Smyths (£9.99)

Minecraft Steve Plush Toy


If you are going to get a Minecraft plush, then it would be strange not to have good old Steve in the collection and you can get all 12" of him in plush form right now!

Buy Minecraft Steve Plush Toy at Amazon (£19.99)

Minecraft 20cm Plush - Creeper

minecraft creeper plush

Sure to be popular is the Creeper Plush from Minecraft and the unusual style of it will make it an intriguing looking addition to any video game-loving home!

Buy Minecraft 20cm Plush - Creeper at Smyths (£9.99)

Best Minecraft LEGO

LEGO Minecraft The Warped Forest Nether Playset

lego minecraft warped forest

If falling rocks and a river of lava sound like the sort of things you want in your Minecraft Lego sets then look no further than the impressive Minecraft The Warped Forest Nether Playset. You get four figures included here and the best part is that it comes with a built-in explosion to fell a tree that creates a bridge - LEGO sure has changed over the years!

Buy Minecraft The Warped Forest Nether LEGO Playset at Amazon (£25.99)

LEGO Minecraft The Pillager Outpost Action Figures Building Set

Minecraft The Pillager Outpost Action Figures Building Set

You get a lot of bang for your buck on this one as it comes with three sections - a tent with a table, Pillagers' cage and an archery practice area with dummies. You can also "blast open the cage with a TNT explosion function to rescue the Iron Golem" which very much sounds like our idea of a good time.

Buy Minecraft The Pillager Outpost Building Set at Amazon (£18)

LEGO Minecraft The End Battle Collectable Toy

Minecraft The End Battle Collectible Toy

This LEGO set comes with a buildable ender dragon toy with highly posable limbs - what more do you need to know? Well, you can also shoot fireball missiles from the dragon which should be a selling point for anyone!

Buy Minecraft The End Battle Collectable Toy at Amazon (£19)

LEGO Minecraft The Trading Post Building Set

Minecraft The Trading Post Building Set

You get some great figures when you pick up this LEGO set as it comes with Steve, a mysterious trader, hostile skeleton and 2 llamas. A little LEGO Minecraft party then! Also included are "an exploding mine and a trader with nothing to trade – until the secret handle is turned to reveal the goods."

Buy Minecraft The Trading Post Building Set at Amazon (£17.45)

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