This year, Minecraft fans have been treated to a major upgrade in terms of wolves and dogs in the game!


For a long time, there was only one type of wolf in Minecraft (which fans often referred to as a dog anyway).

But now, there are nine different versions to collect.

Check out the video above to see all nine of the Minecraft wolves/dogs and where to find them. Or, if you prefer written guides, keep on reading!

New Minecraft wolves and dog variants explained

Eight new variants of wolf are now available in Minecraft, as was promised previously on the game’s official website.

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Add those eight to the original one, and you now have a total of nine dogs/wolves to collect in Minecraft!

If you didn't already watch the video atop this page, you can take a look at them all in the handy little gallery below.

The game’s original wolf will be classified as the Pale Wolf going forward.

The full list of Minecraft wolves/dogs is as follows:

  • The Pale Wolf
  • The Rusty Wolf
  • The Spotted Wolf
  • The Black Wolf
  • The Striped Wolf
  • The Snowy Wolf
  • The Ashen Wolf
  • The Woods Wolf
  • The Chestnut Wolf

Adding to that news, the post stated that wolf armour will also be introduced. This customisable feature will absorb all enemy damage before breaking, which will be handy when in a scrape.

The creatures are also set to have 40 hearts of health, instead of 20, when they are fully grown.

Where can I find the new wolf variants in Minecraft? Locations explained

Now that they have been unleashed into the block-laden wilds of Minecraft, you are probably going to want to track them down, aren’t you?

Well, read on to find out where each one can be found.

  • The Pale Wolf can be found in the taiga biome.
  • The Rusty Wolf can be found in the jungle vines.
  • The Spotted Wolf can be found in the savanna plateau.
  • The Black Wolf can be found in the old growth pine taiga.
  • The Striped Wolf can be found in the woodland badlands.
  • The Snowy Wolf can be found, surprisingly, in the snowy groves.
  • The Ashen Wolf can be found in the snowy taiga.
  • The Woods Wolf can be found in the forest biome.
  • The Chestnut Wolf can be found in the old growth spruce taiga.

That is everything wolf-related for Minecraft, but check out some of our other writing on the game below.

We've even got a Minecraft quiz for you!

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