Roblox is a game of endless possibilities that lets you do pretty much anything, including wearing some rather nice outfits. Using the Roblox shirt ID codes, we've picked out our favourite outfits to wear in-game, which you can check out below.


Yes, before you try out some scary Roblox games or Stranger Things minigames, you're going to have to make sure you're looking your best, and shirt ID codes are one of the easiest ways to do so.

These shirt ID codes can easily be redeemed in the Shirts section of your catalogue and all you have to do is enter one of the below codes. (You might also be interested in our big Roblox image ID list, by the way.)

So read on for codes to get some of the best shirts available in Roblox - and don't forget to grab a few Roblox music codes while you're at it, or perhaps even try making your own Roblox clothes.

The best Roblox shirt ID codes

We've picked out some of the nicest shirts in Roblox below - all you need to do is enter the code in-game. You can do this by heading to your Avatar page, clicking on Catalogue and then tapping in the code while on the Shirts menu.

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  • Adidas Red Camo Split: 4924687704
  • Aesthetic Black Sweater x: 5134719820
  • All black: 3830132554
  • Baddie Tattoo Tank y2k: 6748392322
  • Bandito Army Jacket – Twenty: 7427983453
  • Beautiful shirt: 6680903131
  • Bella Swan Twilight vamp: 7338884141
  • Black Aesthetic: 5532806467
  • Black Cute aesthetic top: 6508725785
  • Black Pumpkin Top Stripes: 5720629538
  • Black Shirt Emo y2k: 7222664585
  • Black Suit: 1210857662
  • Black top with White Stripes: 6382431722
  • Black Vest Vintage: 7211566453
  • Black-red-champion-hoodie: 6726897383
  • Blue and Black Motorcycle Shirt: 144076358
  • Blue Galaxy Fade Vamp Emo: 3599544679
  • Blue Plaid Shirt:398635081
  • Blue Supreme x LV t-shirt: 6471604155
  • Brown jacket zip-up cottage core: 6959669630
  • Cool Electro Swag Rainbow: 6709022132
  • Cottage core fairy vintage: 6862266654
  • Cute brandy mellville softie: 6560709507
  • Cute vintage aesthetic blue: 6774208258
  • Cute Yellow Plaid Aesthetic: 5869851231
  • Denim Jacket with White Hoodie:398633584
  • Emo grunge y2k aesthetic black: 6680877688
  • Emo grunge y2k vamp gyaru: 6468534886
  • Floral Top Y2k Cute Vintage Aesthetic Girl Cyber:4820333626
  • Frog Collar Shirt Y2k Cute Vintage: 7029614546
  • Goth Vintage Aesthetic Girl: 6781346864
  • Graphic tee streetwear skull: 6985784163
  • Green Jersey:382538059
  • Grey Goth Y2k Cute Vintage: 6518213334
  • Grey Striped Shirt with Denim Jacket:144076436
  • Grey Suit with Black Vest: 6554200369
  • Guitar Tee with Black Jacket: 4047884046
  • Halloween baby tee: 7423698777
  • Halloween bloody cardigan: 5809687545
  • Halloween cardigan spooky: 5692395530
  • Halloween Top: 5714436978
  • Hello Kitty cardigan: 6419967375
  • Industry Baby Scrubs Top – Lil: 7673098764
  • Jurassic World Shirt:1829155983
  • My Favorite Pizza Shirt: 4047884939
  • New pumpkin striped: 4008790623
  • Pastel Starburst Top with Gray Jacket:398634295
  • Pink top with stripes: 6492207261
  • Pumpkin Orange Halloween: 5826818826
  • Purple cool crop top: 5042211670
  • Roblox Green Shirt:855766176
  • Roblox Jacket: 607785314
  • Roblox Orange Shirt:855768342
  • Roblox Pink Shirt:855773575
  • Roblox Red Shirt:855776103
  • Roblox Shirt – Simple Pattern: 3670737444
  • Roblox Teal Shirt:855778084
  • Roblox Yellow Shirt:855779323
  • Sleepy Pajama Top – Zara: 6829670577
  • Squid Game Saebyeok: 7547116846
  • Squid Game Soldier Uniform: 7551716737
  • Squid Game Tracksuit: 7519636609
  • Teal Shirt:382537702
  • Tokyo Emo Shirt y2k: 7212561213
  • Voltron Shirt:969769182
  • Watching longsleeve:5829305497
  • White corset fairy top vintage: 6748325601
  • White cute aesthetic top: 6548530197
  • White Suit with Black Vest: 6553589977
  • White Y2k Cute Vintage: 7160723907
  • Y2k Cute Vintage Aesthetic White: 6706670643
  • y2k girl Halloween vamp: 5748563757
  • y2k vamp emo vintage: 6768438209
  • y2k vamp girl vintage aesthetic: 6170187890

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