Best scary games on Roblox: how to play and parents’ guide

Could these games make you jump out of your virtual skin?

Scary games on Roblox.

With its charming blocky visuals and endless hours of player-created fun, it’s no surprise that Roblox has become a hit since its release in 2006.


The free-to-play title allows users to create their own games – whether platformer, racer, or combat – and then share them online for the world to enjoy, with over 50 million games created and ready to play.

However, with the ability to make absolutely any game, it was only a matter of time before users started making some (family-friendly) scary levels, delivering some PG-rated thrills and chills to the title’s 120 million active players.

Below we’ve assembled some of the very best scary games available on the game creation system – as well as a guide for those too scary for the really little ones. Whichever ones you fancy should be easy to find, because you just need to search within Roblox to play them.

Alone in a Dark House

A classic horror setup, this game surprisingly finds you alone in a dark house, collecting clues to hunt down a murderer. Complete with multiple endings, plenty of secrets, and truly atmospheric lighting, this is a great game in its own right. It’s best played alone for the full effect, or you can play with up to 20 other players if needs be.

With blood present and a generally unsettling tone, this game is probably best for teenagers and pre-teens as opposed to the younger ones.

Bear Alpha

A nice simple premise with this one: one user plays as the killer bear who has to kill the other players within five minutes. The bear can move slightly faster, but the survivors can use weapons to fight back, making the game nicely balanced. Not advised for children still fond of teddy bears – the game’s environments alone are spooky enough, before we even get to the killer bear.

Horror Elevator

Somewhat reminiscent of The Cabin In The Woods, Horror Elevator puts you in a lift which randomly stops at different floors, each offering a different horror scenario. Again, one for the older kids – there’s no knowing which monster will appear each time.

Dead Silence

Based on the 2007 film, this fan-favourite sees you discover a body next to a ventriloquist doll, with the only clue a note reading “Mary Shaw”. One of the few first-person scary games on this list, Dead Silence offers a cinema-level narrative as you unravel the mystery. Probably another one for the older kids – the murder itself is a tad gruesome.

The Mirror

It may be single-player, but is all the scarier for it. The Mirror sees you completing an obstacle course with nothing but your own reflection. Is your mind playing tricks on you or is it the mirror? We’d say this one is fine for all ages, but just the right amount of spooky.

A Wolf or Other

Similar to the popular Werewolf party game, A Wolf or Other sees you in one of three camps: an innocent, hunter, or werewolf. It’s up to the innocents to identify the werewolf so the hunter can kill him, before it’s a full moon and it’s too late. As more of a party game than a straight-up horror, this one is suitable for younger players.

Murder Mystery 2

Very similar to A Wolf or Other but going for a good old-fashioned murderer rather than a werewolf, Murder Mystery is the classic dinner party mafia game. Much like Among Us, the murderer has to be identified by the innocents. There are three modes, too, Casual, Hardcore, and Assassin, for those who like a challenge. With no supernatural elements at all, this might be more suitable for those a bit younger.

Zombie Attack

Basically a PG edition of Call of Duty: Zombies, Zombie Attack sees you fight off increasingly tougher waves of zombies, unlocking better weapons as you go. There are a few twists, however, including being able to respawn as a zombie if you get killed. While a fun game, it doesn’t exactly boast the most realistic graphics, so somewhat younger children may well get to try this one out.

Nightmare Mines

Nightmare Mines combines the zombie waves with puzzles, creating a unique spooky experience. It’s not overly scary either, meaning this could be one for most of the family. Will you escape the Nightmare Mines? You’ll only find out if you play it.


Project Lazarus: Zombies

This one is a clear homage to Call of Duty Zombies, offering a round-based survival mode complete with barricades, power-ups, and points to buy weapons and obstacles. There are a few blood animations on this one, so younger kids may wish to stick to Zombie Attack.

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