Another videogame sensation means another update to the dictionary, as Roblox is becoming the latest gaming hit to spawn a new wave of in-game vocabulary.


Free-to-play title Roblox allows users to create and share their own games and has grown in popularity since its launch in 2006 to the point where it now has a whopping 120 million active monthly players according to the game's developers.

So whether you want to brush up on your Roblox knowledge before the game adds voice chat or simply want to understand what your kids are talking about, here's all the Roblox phrases and lingo explained:


Weirdly ABC doesn't actually stand for anything, but is used to signify that the player is looking for something.


To kill another player in Roblox.


A single building block or part is commonly referred to as a "brick".


Brickbattles are combat games in which players use weapons to KO (knockout) other players either one-on-one or in teams. A popular example is Doomspire Brickbattle, in which four teams fight to destroy each other's spawn points.

Game Pass

An item users can purchase from a game's page, which grants special features and items for that particular game.


Lua is a programming language often used to create games and apps and is a great first language as it is relatively easy to learn. Users can use Lua in Roblox Studio to make more advanced and dynamic games.

Roblox Corp


Short for obstacle course, one of the most popular types of game users can create.


"Oof" is the sound Robloxians make when hurt, and has since become common internet slang as a melodramatic negative reaction.


Games on Robox are usually referred to as "places" for some reason.


A player's character on Roblox.

Roblox Studio

The free software used to create Roblox games. You do not need Roblox Studio to be able to play Roblox, however.

Roblox Premium

Previously referred to as Builders Club, Roblox Premium is a paid membership that grants a number of benefits such as a Robux allowance and acccess to Roblox's economy features.


The in-game currency, much like Fortnite's V-Bucks. Robux can be used to purchase items in the Avatar shop, as well as game passes and other microtransactions. Robux can be bought with real-world money, so beware parents!

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