Being one of the co-creators of a brand new BBC comedy and leading the cast in the main role is far from an easy feat, but Dinosaur sees Ashley Storrie take on both roles with pure gusto.


The new show sees Storrie star as Nina, an autistic woman in her 30s whose life is upended when her sister and best friend Evie announces her engagement after only six weeks with her partner.

Throughout the series, which is also co-created by Matilda Curtis, Nina is left to figure out how she slots into this new chapter in her sister's life - but also how she feels about the possibility of not being her sister's number one person any longer.

Chatting to about the new show and its themes, Storrie said: "It was just sisterhood and that sort of ride-or-die friendship that women can have.

"But also, it’s a weird subject, and it’s one I’m really fascinated by – I think it’s maybe just because I don’t get it fully – but the way people can kind of lose themselves in a relationship. You can lose your friendships in that time.

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"It was so exciting just to prod at that very weird subject and have fun with it.”

Ashley Storrie as Nina and Kat Ronney as Evie standing in a public bathroom wearing hen party sashes and staring blankly in the mirror.
Ashley Storrie as Nina and Kat Ronney as Evie in Dinosaur. BBC/Two Brothers Pictures,Mark Mainz

Being each other's right-hand women is most certainly a thread throughout the new comedy, but so too is the theme of living life unmasked, as Nina not only teaches those around her to do, but also the viewer.

When speaking about playing such a character, Storrie said: "Nina, as an autistic woman, lives her life unmasked. She just exists without trying to fit in to other people’s lives – her sister loves her and that kind of unconditional love has given her an environment in which to just be herself.

"To get to do that without having to put on the million different faces that, as a neurodiverse woman - but also just as a woman - that I have to put on every day to get about life, to not have to do that was so liberating."

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As per the synopsis: "Forced to reconcile with her sister’s impulsive decision, Nina grapples with what this new challenge means, leading to a surprising journey of self-discovery."

Dinosaur also stars Kat Ronney as Evie and David Carlyle as older brother Bo, as well as Bridgerton's Lorn Macdonald and Roadkill's Danny Ashok.

The new role marks a significant turn away from Carlyle's previous big TV role in It's a Sin, for which he was nominated for a BAFTA.

Speaking about taking on more of a comedic role now, Carlyle also told "But then, of course, I do It’s a Sin, and I think Gloria/Gregory had a lot of fun, life, energy and vibrancy in moments of their character - but equally, the big bit I’m known for is the heart-wrenching stuff and what goes on in his story."

He added: "I was definitely keen to let myself off the leash a bit here and flex those comedy muscles."

Dinosaur will air on BBC Scotland from Sunday 14th April, BBC Three from Tuesday 16th April and BBC One from Friday 19th April. All episodes will be available on iPlayer.


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