**Warning: Contains spoilers for Race Across the World 2024 episode 1-4.**


The competition is heating up on Race Across the World, as the pairs much reach the fifth checkpoint in their epic South East Asia adventure.

So far, the teams have travelled through Japan, South Korea and Cambodia, and this week they'll be journeying through Thailand to reach Koh Phi Phi.

Each episode contains a new thrilling adventure - whether it's through their travels or their job opportunities and excursions, there is never a dull moment during the race.

There is one duo who won't be continuing their journey after being eliminated from the competition, though. But who? Read on to find out more about the Race Across the World 2024 cast.

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Race Across the World 2024 cast: Meet the contestants in the line-up

Owen and Alfie

Owen and Alfie stood next to each other with backpacks and raincoats smiling ahead at the camera.
Alfie and Owen in Race Across the World. Studio Lambert Ltd/Pete Dadds

Relationship: Best friends

From: Hertfordshire

Jobs: Trainee pilot and football referee

Best friends Alfie and Owen have a determination and maturity rarely seen and while one wants to experience everything the race throws at them, the other only has eyes for the finish lines.

Speaking of why they waned to take part in Race Across the World 2024, Alfie said: "Mainly because we're both lovers of travelling and have done a little bit of travelling before but never done the whole backpacking, country-hopping situation."

He continued: "We thought it would be such a great experience that it would be impossible to say no to."

Owen echoed Alfie's thoughts and admitted they wanted to put their "friendship to the test" and see what they can achieve.

"We wanted to see how we'd deal in this sort of situation and how well we can do," he added. "[To] see if we can make it to the end and maybe even win."

Betty and James

Betty and James in a t-shirt and shorts with backpacks on their backs. They are smiling ahead and are stood in a garden.
Betty and James in Race Across the World. Studio Lambert Ltd/Pete Dadds

Relationship: Brother and sister

From: Yorkshire

Jobs: Social media and events manager and sales consultant

Brother and sister duo Betty and James hope to share the experience of a lifetime on Race Across the World.

Opening up about why they chose each other for the race, Betty said: "I think it was because we'd always watched the show as a family, I've never really spoken about it with my friends, so I think it was more the natural decision to go for."

As for a strategy, it doesn't seem Betty and James have one going into the race.

"It's so unknown there's no point really trying to make a fixed plan because it could change in an instant," James explained. "We'll try to keep it logical: when it gets to it, don't do anything rash, do everything with measure, but we also have no set plan."

Eugenie and Isabel

Eugenie and Isabel in dark coloured clothing, wearing rain jackets, backpacks and bum bags. They are stood next to each other and are smiling in front of a building.
Eugenie and Isabel in Race Across the World. Studio Lambert Ltd/Pete Dadds

Relationship: Mother and daughter

From: Barking/Birmingham

Jobs: Teacher and trainee clinical scientist

Eugenie and Isabel are hoping the race will improve their understanding of one another. Prior to signing up for the race, Eugenie hadn't watched any episodes but once Isabel revealed they were going to be on the show, she began watching it and got "really excited".

"The starting point was Isabel," Eugenie explained. "And also, another thing is, I do anything I can to keep my kids happy including Isabel, so if it was going to keep my daughter happy then I was ready to do it."

By signing up for Race Across the World, Isabel hoped it'd be "something cool for us to bond together". She added: "Mum and I are not as close as we could be so I thought it would be a good opportunity to explore."

Stephen and Viv

Stephen and Viv stood next to each other, smiling, in front of a building, Stephen is wearing a blue polo shirt and has a backpack on his back and front, as does Viv.
Stephen and Viv in Race Across the World. Studio Lambert Ltd/Pete Dadds

Relationship: Couple

From: Rutland

Jobs: Retired

Race Across the World super fans Stephen and Viv are on a quest to prove that wisdom, perspective and maturity is the winning formula.

Having watched the series "three or four times over", they have taken on tips from previous contestants as they embark on the ultimate race.

Viv said: "I think you both have to test each other, you both have to listen. Different opinions will happen, I think you've got to give a reason behind your opinion and I think we just have to listen to each other and go along with what the consensus of opinion is."

Stephen echoed this and added: "I think talking to other people is going to be, or always seems to be, a strength in the other series, certainly."

Former Race Across the World 2024 contestants

Brydie and Sharon

Brydie and Sharon stood next to each other, smiling, wearing backpacks and bum bags and are stood in front of a building.
Sharon and Brydie in Race Across the World. Studio Lambert Ltd/Pete Dadds

Relationship: Mother and daughter

From: Kent

Jobs: Snowboard instructor and cleaner

Another mother and daughter duo joining the race is Brydie and Sharon, who are learning to embrace the challenges of travel and dyslexia.

In preparation for the series, Brydie and Sharon picked up tips from previous series. Brydie explained that they "picked up on stuff that you wouldn't normally think of like needing to bring a rain jacket, or a base layer or a woolly hat".

Sharon added: "We also brought extra leggings so we could double up. As for directions, we're talkers, so not afraid to ask anyone anything."

Race Across the World continues Wednesdays at 9pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer at 9pm.


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