While it's been around since 2006, Roblox has taken the world by storm in the last few years (thanks to us being locked indoors for long periods).


It's essentially a place for young gamers to socialize, in which players can chat or join a player-created game of almost any genre, from first-person-shooters to platformers. Even if you don't think you've heard of it, chances are you've seen the unique looking character sprites somewhere.

In fact, these big blocky sprites are now ubiquitous. Along with Minecraft and Fortnite, it's an aesthetic found on the screens of millions of kids across the globe.

It can also be found elsewhere, on various toys, cases and other little gizmos. Keep reading to see what merchandise and gifts are available from this kooky but mammoth franchise. If you have a Roblox-loving little one, with Christmas coming up, you might want to take note!

Best merchandise and gifts for Roblox fans

Roblox Monopoly

Best for: Those who love board games

Every big franchise seems to have its own Monopoly set, and it makes sense. Monopoly is a family tradition in many houses, and what better way to initiate the younger generation than by decorating it in their favourite thing?

Roblox Monopoly is bound to get the family together this Christmastime, and it's available from Amazon.

Buy the Hasbro Monopoly Roblox 2022 Edition Board Game from Amazon

Roblox Mystery Figures Assortment - Series 10

Best for: Die hard Roblox fans

There are a lot of these to collect, but if you like having actual characters from Roblox on your shelf then pick this up and grab yourself one.

You only get one per pack, but you do get a code for an exclusive virtual item that can be redeemed on Roblox.

Buy the Roblox Mystery Figures Assortment from Amazon

Personalised Roblox Pencil Case

Best for: Taking your things to school in style

Every youngster needs a pencil case, so you might as well grab them one that has a great image of something they love on it.

And while the name above is John, happily, you don't have to stick to that and you can get your own name added to it when you make the order - a quicker process if your name happens to be John though.

Buy the Personalised Roblox Pencil Case from Amazon

Roblox game packs

Best for: Playing online and in real life.

"Take your favourite Roblox adventures off the screen and into the real world with this unique game pack, featuring two iconic characters and accessories" is the summary for this product - which should give you an indication of how beloved this gift would be.

More like this

Each package comes with a redeemable code to unlock an exclusive virtual item on Roblox as an added bonus.

Buy the Roblox game packs from GAME

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NERF Roblox Jailbreak

Best for: Fans of Roblox and Nerf!

The two dart blasters in this Roblox Jailbreak: Armoury set take their inspiration from the Roblox Jailbreak game, and it is a great way of playing the game in the real world - without actually injuring your opponent.

You also get an exclusive virtual item for picking this up too.

Buy the NERF Roblox Jailbreak from GAME

ROBLOX card with 75 credits

Best for: Those who love Pokémon and naps in equal measure.

Some of the best gifts you can buy that are Roblox related are the ones that you can use directly on the platform itself - such as this one.

Get £50 worth of Roblox credits to gift here - with a free virtual item to boot!

Buy the ROBLOX card with 75 credits from GAME

Roblox Backpack with Lunch Box

Best for: Anyone who wants to look cool while out and about

If the previously mentioned pencil case caught your eye, then cast that eye again at this - far more than just a pencil case.

With this set you get a back pack and a lunch box too - both of which are super stylish and will leave your child as the envy of the playground.

Buy the Roblox Backpack with Lunch Box from Amazon

Roblox Ninja Legends Mission Control HQ Playset

Best for: The collectors amongst us

This set features six iconic characters and loads of accessories with a fun display to put them all in to boot! Not only that but you can also mix match parts and make a unique character yourself!

Each package comes with a redeemable code to unlock an exclusive virtual item on Roblox.

Buy Roblox Ninja Legends Mission Control HQ Playset from Amazon

Roblox Game Theme Birthday Party Supplies

Best for: Those who never want to leave their Pokémon at home.

If somebody has a birthday on the way and you have picked them up a Roblox-inspired gift, don't stop there as you can make sure the whole party matches the theme!

You get banners, balloons, cake toppers and more in this set and it is all for a very reasonable price too - perfect!

Buy the Roblox Game Theme Birthday Party Supplies from Amazon

Diary of a Roblox Noob: The Complete Series

Best for: Those who love to read and play.

One of the many good things about Roblox is that, as well as being a ton of fun, it can also be educational.

And this book has been super popular with kids and the glowing reviews should be all you need to see to know it is a great purchase.

Buy Diary of a Roblox Noob: The Complete Series from Amazon

Roblox Where's the Noob?

Best for: Fans of Roblox and Where's Wally/Waldo!

Sometimes it's great to turn the telly off and gather around as a family to complete a puzzle - and the Where's Wally type books out there are great for that.

This puzzle is focussed on Roblox and, while not overly challenging, will still be a fun way to pass the time.

Buy Roblox Where's the Noob? from Amazon

Roblox - Imagination Collection - Aven The Silver Warrior

Best for: Those who love figurines!

Finishing up with one of the coolest things on this list - and even more so if you love figure collecting - the Aven The Silver Warrior figurine!

This is a really cool looking item to have on any shelf and if the kids don't want it, you can bet there is many an adult out there who would.

Buy Roblox - Imagination Collection - Aven The Silver Warrior from Amazon

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