A game about murder, betrayal, tense discussion and supposed innocence, followed, quite often, by injustice and fury. Perfect for getting the family together at Christmas, right?


If you thought we were talking about Cluedo there, you're wrong but you're not far off. We were actually talking about Among Us, the cartoony sci-fi game about keeping a spacecraft afloat while avoiding treacherous teammates.

Like a lot of things, it took off (pun intended) during lockdown, and doesn't appear to be crashing to Earth any time soon - there are even plans of a VR version. If your friends or family love the franchise, with Christmas coming up, there are plenty of gifts and merchandise available while we wait for the potentially horrifying virtual reality game. In fact, we've compiled a list of the best Among Us merch below!

Best merchandise and gifts for Among Us fans

Among Us Crewmate Figures Collectable Figurines

Best for: The collectors among you!

Despite the tense nature of Among Us, we're big fans of the cute characters that take centre stage - and now you can have them in your own home.

This set contains 8 characters from the game, and is the perfect gift for anyone who loses a ton of time into the game like we do.

Buy the Among Us Crewmate Figures Collectable Figurines at Amazon

Matchify Card Game: Among Us

Best for: Those who love more games set in the Among Us world.

The actual Among Us game may be addictive enough, but there are other games you can play with the recognisable characters from the game - including this Matchify one.

Matchify Among Us also includes four mini games, so this is a great way to pass the time and the whole family can get involved.

Buy the Matchify Card Game: Among Us from GAME

Among Us Plush 18cm Plague Doctor

Best for: Plush collectors and Among Us fans

We love a plush here at RadioTimes.com and we can't get enough of them. Getting one from Among Us is a tempting proposition and this one, the plague doctor, shows that even the sinister looking characters can come across as cute when they're in plush form.

Buy the Among Us Plush 18cm Plague Doctor from Smyths

Among Us 500-piece jigsaw puzzle

Best for: Putting your brain to the test

The visual style of Among Us is quite distinctive, which lends itself perfectly to be used in other means - such as a jigsaw puzzle.

This 500 piece puzzle is not too complicated but will take some patience, and is is a great way to get everyone in the house involved.

Buy the Among Us 500 piece jigsaw puzzle from GAME

Among Us Hoodie

Best for: Those who love to dress in style

This bright and colourful shirt is just what an Among Us fan would want to be seen out and about in.

Be warned that it's not as thick as you would expect a hoodie to be, but that means it can still be worn in the milder warmer months.

Buy the Among Us Hoodie from Amazon

Among Us blanket hoodie

Best for: Those who like to stay snug while looking cool.

While the colder months have now come to an end and spring is on the way, you can still invest in something pretty snazzy for next winter - it always comes around quicker than we expect.

You could do far worse than buying your kids this blanket hoodie as not only will it keep them warm, but we can imagine that they would never want to take it off.

Buy Among Us blanket hoodie from Amazon

Among Us Gift Set

Best for: Any fan of Among Us!

With this fun gift set you get:

  • Among Us drawstring bag
  • 50 no-repeat stickers
  • 1 lanyard
  • 1 pillow case
  • 2 keychains
  • 3 Button pins
  • 1 Phone ring holder

So a great set for anyone who loves playing Among Us.

Buy Among Us Gift Set from Amazon

Among Us towel set

Best for: Anyone who wants their bathroom to have a bit more life.

A simple one this, but one that is likely to be popular – dry yourself after a bath or a shower with these Among Us bath towels.

You get three in the pack too so you can swap them out for a new one if you fancy changing your bathroom vibes up.

Buy the Among Us towel set from Amazon

Among Us kids' socks

Best for: Those who want their feet dressed to impress.

Back to the clothes theme now, and if you doesn't love a pair of novelty socks then we feel bad for your feet.

Luckily, there are some Among Us socks right here that can solve any dull feet problems and you get multiple pairs in this pack.

Buy Among Us kids socks from Amazon

Among Us Backpack

Best for: Those with a sense of mischief in the schoolyard.

It wouldn't be school without at least one off-the-wall backpack. We hope this "imposter" bag won't result in trust issues from classmates, but don't be surprised if fellow pupils steer clear of it down a dark corridor.

More likely, the bag will simply represent a cherished hobby.

Buy the Among Us backpack from Amazon

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