Fresh off the sixth highest-grossing movie of all time, Spider-Man: No Way Home, the MCU is powering on, with Moon Knight hitting Disney Plus later this month and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness set to shake things up in May.


This year is set to be a big one for Marvel content all around, including new Thor and Black Panther films and Disney Plus series ranging from She-Hulk to Ms Marvel. Outside of the main MCU, Jared Leto's Morbius joins the fray later this month, while Miles Morales will soon return for another animated adventure in Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (Part One).

All this means there's surely no better time to stock up on gifts and merchandise to show your love for all things Marvel and MCU.

Read on to see what bags, clothes and collectibles we've found for you or any other Marvel fans in your life.

Best merchandise and gifts for Marvel fans

LEGO Marvel Infinity Gauntlet set

Best for: Snapping away half the universe... or testing your LEGO building skills

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LEGO Infinity Gauntlet

Try your hand at building one of the most iconic items in Marvel history, Thanos' Infinity Gauntlet from Avengers: Infinity War. This 590-piece set comes with a stand and measures 12.5 inches, so it's perfect to display around the house.

Have all of the fun of putting together the Infinity Gauntlet, without the hassle of fighting those pesky Avengers for the stones!

Buy the LEGO Marvel Infinity Gauntlet set at shopDisney

Spider-Man (integrated suit) Funko POP from Spider-Man: No Way Home

Best for: Filling out your Funko collection with the latest additions

Spider-Man Funko

By now there are more Funko POP figures in existence than it's possible to count, but if you want to add one to your collection, you can't do much better than this one from Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Enhanced with nanites and Doctor Strange-style magic, it's Tom Holland's Spidey's most iconic look in the film, and hey, if you wanted to add two more Funkos alongside it no one's stopping you...

Buy the Spider-Man (integrated suit) Funko POP from Spider-Man: No Way Home from Amazon

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Avengers 1,000-piece puzzle

Best for: A fun challenge harking back to the MCU's comic routes

Avengers jigsaw

The MCU has been going for over 10 years now, but sometimes it's nice to go back to basics and look back to Marvel's era of classic comics.

This jigsaw allows you to do just that, with the 1,000-piece puzzle creating two simultaneous challenges - putting the picture together, while also working out just who some of these characters are!

Buy the Avengers 1,000 piece puzzle from Amazon

Loki 'Variant' customisable T-shirt

Best for: Looking sharp and showing off your Marvel love out and about

Loki "variant" t-shirt

Looking for a style refresh? Well look no further, with this customisable T-shirt tie-in with the Loki series on Disney Plus.

If the series taught us one thing it's that we're all variants when it comes down to it, and this is the perfect way to wear that moniker with pride.

Buy the Loki 'Variant' customisable t-shirt from shopDisney

WandaVision poster

Best for: Decking out your room with one of the best MCU posters yet

Wandavision poster

Marvel has produced some incredible poster designs over the years, but there's perhaps none better than this eerie yet-charming piece for WandaVision.

Spruce up your wall and remember the rabbit hole of theories we all went down as we lost our minds in January 2021 (we still think the rabbit was Mephisto).

Buy the WandaVision poster from Amazon

Marvel logo snap backpack

Best for: Storing the rest of your Marvel merch as you travel around town

Marvel snap logo backpack

Going on a Marvel shopping spree and struggling to carry all your goodies back? Well look no further than this handy and stylish backpack, sporting the Marvel logo mid-snap. It has a front pouch and a padded back-panel for comfort, meaning transporting the essentials has never been so easy.

Buy the Marvel logo snap backpack from Amazon

Moon Knight, the latest series in the MCU, premieres on Disney Plus on Wednesday 30th March 2022. You can sign up to Disney Plus for £7.99 a month or £79.90 a year now.


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