With millions of monthly active users, it would be fair to say that Roblox is a popular gaming platform - another massive hit in a crowded space that already has gamers devoting hours and hours into titles like Fortnite.


The free-to-play platform, which can be used on PC, mobile and on the Xbox, allows users to create and then share their own games. It actually began years ago but has seen a huge influx of users of late, in part down to everybody being stuck at home with more spare time because of the pandemic.

One of the many things that you can do with the system, and for your avatar, is to create clothes. And if you want the low-down on how to do it, we have you covered! So if you have already downloaded Roblox Studio, here is how to kit your avatar out in clothes that you design.

How to make clothes on Roblox

There are a couple of reasons why making clothes is important on Roblox. As well as helping your avatar look stylish, you can also sell them in the catalog which will certainly come in handy. As for how to make them, we'll start with the easiest thing to put together - a T-shirt.

Much like most things on Roblox, you will be making this yourself from scratch, so you'll need to design a t-shirt in an image and then upload it to Roblox. From there, just select it to wear and you're sorted!

How to make shirts and trousers on Roblox

You'll be best off having a couple of templates for this! So take a look at the the image below, and you should gain an idea of what your T-shirt design needs to look like. You could even save this image to your PC and use it as a guide when you're designing your shirt.

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And let's not forget about your avatar's bottom half! Here's the template you'll want to study up on if you're looking to make some trousers in Roblox (or 'pants' as they call them in the USA):


Here are the dimensions that you need to know:

  • Large square 128 × 128 pixels (front and back of the torso)
  • Tall rectangle 64 × 128 pixels (Sides of the torso R, L, sides of arms/legs L, B, R, F)
  • Wide rectangle 128 × 64 pixels (Top and bottom of the torso)
  • Small square 64 × 64 pixels

Now you will need to open up the template in an image editor and then get designing! Once you are done, just upload it to Roblox and you're sorted - just make sure the image is 585 pixels wide and 559 pixels tall else you will run into problems as it uploads.

For the specifics on uploading, here is a guide to follow:

  • Go to the page called create
  • Now select the type of clothing you are uploading
  • Now select the file you are uploading
  • Name the item
  • Now press upload and wait for it to be approved by Roblox - once it is, you are good to wear it!

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