Everyone's (secret) favourite Fallout has stood the test of time more than a decade on.


A large part of this is down to the cheats that make up Fallout: New Vegas.

Until Fallout 5 arrives and with the Fallout TV show soon a thing, fans everywhere are returning to some of the series's previous iterations.

With an open-world environment made up of Arizona, California and Nevada, exploring these lands can be mighty dangerous in the post-apocalypse.

So, that's where unleashing the best cheats for some anarchy in the wasteland comes in handy.

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All the classics are here - everything from God Mode to teleportation to turning NPCs into ragdolls can be yours, if you know the right commands.

Just make sure you're playing on PC, as cheats aren't available on PlayStation or Xbox. This applies to Fallout 3 and Fallout 4, too.

It's a small price to pay, but one that's worth it for the chaos that comes with cheat codes. Here are the best Fallout: New Vegas console commands you need to know about.

Fallout: New Vegas cheats - How to use console commands

Fallout New Vegas still showing a player in a jumpsuit walking down a battered street
Fallout: New Vegas. Bethesda

To use cheats in Fallout: New Vegas, you need to open the console by either pressing grave key (`), the key directly below Esc if using a standard British English keyboard, or the tilde key (~) if using an American English keyboard, and then entering the desired command.

Console commands aren’t case-sensitive, and though we have included brackets with information in them, you don’t want to include these, as they are only there to denote if it’s a Quest ID, item number or what have you.

An example would be coc (cell ID), which needs to be entered out as coc 001057F1 (as just an example) to teleport you to the Goodsprings General Store.

Fallout: New Vegas cheat codes - Console commands

Robot combat in Fallout New Vegas as a player shoots flying robots with a rifle
Fallout: New Vegas. Bethesda

Below are the best and most useful console commands to use in Fallout: New Vegas:

  • tgm – Grants you god mode alongside unlimited ammo and carrying capacity
  • tdm – Gives you god mode without the unlimited ammo and carrying capacity
  • tfc – Turns on or off the free camera (great for taking screenshots)
  • tm – Hides and re-enables menus and UI
  • tmm 1 – Reveal all map markers (or use 0 to remove them all)
  • tcl – Enables and disables noclip
  • coc (cell ID) – Teleports the player to a specific location. Cell IDs can be found on the Fallout Wiki
  • kill – Kills the NPC you have selected
  • killall – Kills all NPCs who aren’t invincible in the immediate vicinity. Can kill quest-required NPCs and companions in Hardcore mode, so use with caution
  • tdetect – Enables or disables AI player detection
  • tcai – Enables or disables combat AI
  • pushactoraway (Actor ID) (Amount) – Pushes an NPC away from you in a ragdoll state by a desired force
  • fov (Amount) – Adjust your field of view. 75 is default
  • sgtm (Amount) – Adjusts the global time speed, with 1 being the default.
  • addreputation (Faction ID) (0 or 1) (0-100) – This adds Fame or Infamy to the player's reputation with a faction, with 0 being Infamy and 1 being Fame - eg addreputation 000ffae8 1 30 (adds 30 fame to the Boomers). Faction IDs can be found on the Fallout Wiki
  • removereputation (Faction ID) (0 or 1) (0-100) – Removes Fame or Infamy from the player’s reputation with a faction - eg removereputation 000ffae8 0 30 (removes 30 infamy from the Boomers)
  • setrepuration (Faction ID) (0 or 1) (1-100) – Sets a specific value of Fame or Infamy with a given faction
  • removefromallfactions – Removes yourself from all Factions in the game
  • setally (Faction ID) (Faction ID) (0 or 1) (0 or 1) – This allows you to make Factions friends or allies, with 0 being friend and 1 being an ally - eg setally 000ee68a 000a46e7 0 1 (makes Caesar’s Legion friends with the NCR and NCR consider Caesar’s Legion to be allies)
  • setenemy (Faction ID) (Faction ID) (0 or 1) (0 or 1) – Makes two factions neutral or enemies - eg setenemy 01046e 000a46e7 0 0 (makes Goodsprings and the NCR enemies)
  • resetquest (Quest ID) – Takes your selected quest and removes it from the Pip-Boy. Quest IDs can be found on the Fallout Wiki
  • movetoqt – Teleports the player to your current quest markercompletequest (Quest ID) – Completes your current quest
  • caqs – Completes all quests without the game ending
  • setstage (Quest ID) (Quest stage number) – Allows you to move to a certain point of a quest without the whole quest being completed
  • player.setweaponhealthperc (0-100) – Sets the health of your current weapon by a percentage value
  • player.additem (Item ID) (Amount) – Gives you any items you want and as many as you’d like. Item IDs can be found on the Fallout Wiki
  • player.removeitem (Item ID) (Amount) – Removes an item by a specific amount
  • setownership (Item ID) – This allows you to make containers or beds belong to you. You can get the ID by clicking on the item when in the developer console menu
  • unlock (ID) – Unlocks safes, doors, terminals and anything else locked in the world. Click on what you want to unlock for the item ID to appear in the console command menu
  • setpccanusepowerarmor 1 – Makes you able to wear Power Armour
  • player.showinventory – Displays all the items in your inventory with their corresponding Item IDs
  • rewardkarma (Amount) – Give yourself a desired amount of Karma. Negative numbers will detract from the amount
  • player.setscale (Amount) – Changes how big or small you are. 1 is default, with 0.1 being minuscule and 10 being gargantuan. Your size does not affect fall damage
  • player.modav (Skill) (Amount) – Adds or subtracts your skills - eg player.modav guns 50 (adds 50 to your Guns skill)
  • player.advlevel – Advances the player level by one without any Experience Points
  • player.rewardxp (Amount) – Reward yourself the desire amount of XP
  • player.setlevel (Amount) – Changes your level
  • showracemenu – Opens up the race editor
  • showbarbermenu – Allows for hair editing
  • shownamemenu – Lets you rename yourself
  • showplasticsurgeonmenu – Edit your appearance
  • player.agerace (Value) – Change your character's age appearance. -1 is a child, 1 is an adult and 2 is an elderly person.
  • player.addperk (Perk ID) – Unlock a perk or trait. You can find them all listed on the Fallout: New Vegas Wiki
  • player.removeperk – Removes a perk or trait
  • sexchange – Changes your player’s sex
  • player.setspeedmult (Amount) – Adjust your movement speed by a percentage. 100 is default

Fallout: New Vegas is available across Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Windows.

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