If you're looking to get more out of Bethesda's open-world RPG, you'll want to make use of some Fallout 4 cheats.


There are plenty of cheat codes just waiting to be activated. From becoming invincible in God Mode to spawning a "Fat Man" mini-nuke launcher, there are cheats to help you in many different ways.

While the wait for Fallout 5 continues (and is expected to for some time), cheats offer a nice twist for those replaying the game following its next-gen update.

Before we dive into the full list of known working cheats, it's worth knowing that they work on the PC version of the game only. Sorry, console players.

It's also worth pointing out, as ever, that you use cheats at your own risk – backing up your save file before you activate any cheats is worth it if you're worried about losing any progress!

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Keep reading to discover the full list of Fallout 4 cheats now available and how to use them.

Fallout 4 cheats: How to use console commands

Fallout 4 jetpack in use
Fallout 4. Bethesda

To activate Fallout 4 cheats, you’ll need to type in console commands.

To use console commands, you need to press the grave key (`) – the key directly below Esc – if you’re playing on a standard British English keyboard. If you’re using an American English keyboard, meanwhile, you’ll press the tilde key (~).

Pressing the key directly below Esc on your keyboard should open up the 'developer console screen'. Once this is open, you’ll need to type in the console command of the cheat you wish to use and press the Enter key to activate the cheat.

The console commands aren’t case-sensitive. Don’t include any brackets (or what’s within), either - we’ve added those in for console command cheats such as to denote when to enter a Quest ID, item number or anything else that lets you choose from a list of specific things.

So, for a console command such as coc (cell ID) below, enter coc 00001E45 (as an example) to teleport to Diamond City Radio.

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Fallout 4 cheat codes: Best ones to try out

Two power armour suits in Fallout 4
Fallout 4. Bethesda

Just before we reveal the full list of cheats in Fallout 4, we've rounded up a selection of our favourites if you're looking for something fast and fun. See below for our picks:

  • coc qasmoke – Teleport to a room filled with boxes that contain every item in the game
  • killall – Instantly kill everyone in the nearby area. Any character considered too vital to die (including your companions) won’t be killed, but will need reviving with a stimpack
  • setav CA_affinity (number) – Set your companion's Affinity Level to a number of your choosing
  • showbartermenu – Lets you barter with NPCs
  • tgm – Turn on God Mode to become invincible and unlock unlimited ammo, carrying capacity and Action Points
  • tim – Immortal Mode (lets you take damage but you can’t die)
  • ts – Toggles sky display on or off

Fallout 4 cheat codes: Console commands

Fallout 4 combat, as the player aims a good at a Super Mutant Skirmisher
Fallout 4. Bethesda

The list of the best Fallout 4 cheats and console commands is as follows:

  • advancepcskill (advskill) – Move up a point on whatever skill you like
  • bat (filename) – Completes a specified list of commands that are located in a .txt file
  • callfunction "actor.switchtopowerarmor" – Order NPCs out of your power armour
  • caqs – Complete the main story quests
  • cgf "game.addperkpoints" (number) – Add a number of perk points of your choosing
  • cgf "game.rewardplayerxp" (number) – Earn a number of experience points that you desire
  • cl – Turns on or edits the rim lighting used on character models
    • cl on for on
    • cl off for off
    • cl rim float to edit the amount of character lighting (default is 0.02)
  • coc (Cell ID) – Teleport to a specific area. Cell IDs can be found on the Fallout Wiki
  • coc qasmoke – Teleport to a room filled with boxes that contain every item in the game
  • completeallobjectives (Quest ID) – Instantly complete all current objectives in a quest. Quest IDs can be found on the Fallout Wiki
  • completequest (Quest ID) – Complete a quest of your choosing
  • csb – Removes blood splatter, dust from explosions and other screen effects
  • fov (first person FOV) (third person FOV) – Change the field of view. Set to 0 for the default field of view
  • (NPC ID) or player.getav (character variable) – Brings up a list of character variables
  • getav CA_affinity – Get your current companion’s affinity level
  • getgs (string) – Show game settings values
  • gr – Enable, disable or edit God-Ray
  • frp – Forces the selected NPC onto a new path
  • help (item name) (0-4) – Searches items, characters, commands and more (use to find item IDs, enemy and character IDs)
  • hlp (espname) – Hotload Plugin. Used after and edit and save of the esp in CK or FO4Edit. This allows immediate testing of edits without the need to exit the game and reload. Prior to saving the ESP, you must first run FCF in game (as per the Fallout Wiki)
    • fcf – Force close files. Closes all masters and plugins, releasing the file handle to the esp so that it can be saved to CK or FO4Edit. See HLP above
  • kah – Kill every hostile enemy in the nearby area
  • kill (NPC ID) – Instantly kill an NPC or creature of your choosing, wherever they are on the map. You can also click on the NPC when the developer console screen is open and type in kill to instantly kill that particular enemy or character
  • killall – Instantly kill everyone in the nearby area. Any character considered too vital to die (including your companions) won’t be killed, but will need reviving with a stimpack
  • load (filename) – Load the save file of your choosing
  • modav CA_affinity (number) – Modify your companion’s Affinity Level
  • moveto player (NPC ID) – Teleports an NPC of your choosing to you
  • movetoqt (Quest ID) – Teleports you to the quest of your choice
  • player.additem (item ID) (amount) – Add an item to your inventory
    • Find an item ID by opening the developer console screen and clicking on the item in-game
    • player.addItem 001EC66A 1 – Adds one of each type of shipment into your inventory
    • You can also add items into your companion’s inventory by using their character ID instead of player (find it by clicking on them while the console screen is open)
  • player.additem 0000000a (number) – Add as many bobbypins to your character as you like
  • player.additem 0000000f (number) – Add as many bottlecaps to your character as you like
  • player.addperk (Perk ID) – Add a perk of your choosing. Find the Perk IDs on the Fallout Wiki
  • (NPC ID) or player.addtofaction (faction id) (0 or 1) – Add yourself or a chosen character to a faction. Find faction IDs on the Fallout Wiki
  • player.forceav (character value) – Force a value such as carry weight or any other stat
  • player.modav (skill) (number) – Boost a skill by an amount of your choosing
  • player.moveto (NPC or item ID) – Move to the chosen item or NPC
  • (NPC ID) or player.removefromfaction (faction id) – Remove yourself or the chosen NPC from a faction
  • (NPC ID) or player.removefromallfactions – Removes you or the chosen NPC from all factions
  • player.removeperk (Perk ID) – Remove a perk of your choosing
  • player.resethealth – Resets your health
  • player.setav speedmult (number) – Adds a multiplier to your movement speed
  • player.setlevel (number) – Boost your character’s level to the number of your choosing
  • player.setrace (Race ID) – Change your race, use player.setrace Human to reset
  • (NPC ID).playidle editor_id – Make an NPC perform a specified idle
  • qqq – Instantly quit the game
  • recycleactor – Resets a character of your choosing (can even reset yourself)
  • removefromallfactions – Removes the target from all factions
  • resetAI – Reset a chosen NPC’s AI - use when an NPC character is being stupid
  • resetquest (Quest ID) – Reset a quest of your choosing to replay it
  • resurrect (NPC ID) – Works on all NPCs except those which are meant to be deadsave (filename) – Creates a save file with a name of your choosing
  • screenshot – Take a screenshot
  • scof (filename) – Writes console output to a specific file
  • set timescale to (number) – Speed up or slow down time, default speed is 16
  • setally (faction id) (faction id) (0 or 1) (0 or 1) – Make two factions friendly (0) or allies (1)
  • (NPC ID) or player.setav (character variable) – Set values for different variables including SPECIAL, skills, experience and more
  • setav CA_affinity (number) – Set your companion's Affinity Level to a number of your choosing
  • setcommandstate 1 – Can make NPCs or settlers do things outside a settlement
  • setenemy (faction id) (faction id) (0 or 1) (0 or 1) – Make two factions either neutral (0) or enemies (1) with each other
  • setessential (NPC Form ID) (0 or 1) – Set or remove unkillable (1) or killable status (0) on an NPC of your choosing (find an NPC’s Form ID under help)
  • setgs fjumpfallheightmult (number) – Set your fall damage (0.1 is default)
  • setgs fjumpheightmin (number) – Set how high you can jump, 90 is default
  • setscale (number from 1 to 10) – Multiplies the physical scale of your selected target by the number specified. Works on yourself
  • setstage (Quest ID) (Quest Stage number) – Move your current quest stage forward - good for getting past bugged areas if you encounter any. The Quest stage number should be 10, 10, 30, etc.
  • sexchange (NPC ID) – Changes the sex of an NPC of your choosing
    • Use player.sexchange to change your sex
  • sgtm (multiplier) – Set a multiplier on the in-game time to speed things up or slow them down
  • showbartermenu – Lets you barter with NPCs
  • showspecialmenu – Edit your name and SPECIAL points
  • slm (NPC ID or player) 1 – Edit your appearance (or that of an NPC)
  • sqo (Quest ID) – Show all quest objectives (don’t input the Quest ID to see a full list of all quest objectives in the game)
  • sqs (Quest ID) – Discover all the stages of a quest of your choosing
  • sqt – Generate a list of quest targets (you can use this to find Quest IDs, too!)
  • sqv (Quest ID) – Show all variables for a quest
  • sucsm (number) – Change the speed of the free-flying camera:
    • sucsm 10 for half speed
    • sucsm 20 for default
    • sucsm 40 for double speed
  • tai (NPC ID) – Turns the chosen NPC’s AI off and causes them to freeze. Execute the tai console command without an NPC ID to make everyone freeze
  • tb – Turns on cell borders
  • (NPC ID).tc – Take control of an NPC. Use player.tc to remove control from the player character
  • tcai – Turns NPC combat AI on or off. Use with an NPC ID to force a specific NPC out of combat
  • tcl – You can turn collision off, meaning you can walk through walls
  • tdetect – Turns off NPC detection so you can steal all of their stuff without any worries
  • tfc – Make the camera free to move wherever you like in 3rd person view
    • tfc 1 – This does the same as tfc above but also freezes all animations. If it’s screenshots you’re after, this is the cheat for you
  • tfow – Turns on fog of war in local area
  • tg – Turns on grass display
  • tgm – Turn on God Mode to become invincible and unlock unlimited ammo, carrying capacity and Action Points
  • tgp – Completely freezes the game (perfect for when you want to take screenshots)
  • tim – Immortal Mode (lets you take damage but you can’t die)
  • tll – Turns on distant LOD display
  • tm – Hide all menus and UI - perfect if you’re after great screenshots
  • tpc – Toggles pre-culling
  • ts – Toggles sky display on or off
  • twf – Turns on wire frame mode
  • tws – Toggles water display on or off (only lasts a few seconds)
  • unequipall – Unequip all items from the selected NPC

You can find more details on how all of the Fallout 4 console commands and cheats work on the Fallout Wiki (along with even more specific codes).

Fallout 4 is available across PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.

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