Red Dead Redemption 2 is fast approaching the six-year-old mark, so we think both Rockstar and the local sheriff won't mind if you use some RDR2 cheats to make the Wild West even wilder.


As you'd expect from a Rockstar game, the cheats on offer can drastically change how Arthur approaches his problems. Cheats such as unlimited ammo make short work of bandits and lawmen alike, but you can also instantly make him drunk to give your foes a fighting chance.

Hopefully, it will offer enough fun to tide us over until Grand Theft Auto 6, or at the very least until trailer 2.

If you run out of fun in Red Dead Redemption 2, you can see what Los Santos has to offer with GTA 5 cheats and mods or you can live out your virtual life in GTA RP.

Alas, we're here for the rootin' tootin' cowboys so read on for all the RDR2 cheats and how to use them!

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How to use cheat codes in Red Dead Redemption 2

The codes in the game are actually phrases and they can be found all over the map – you've likely crossed paths with many already without realising it. They are etchings that can be found in stone or on ice, or you can get them from buying newspapers.

We have you covered with all the codes you can use below and to use them, you just need to follow a few simple steps.

To cheat in RDR2, you need to head to Settings, and then you will see a cheat option in the bottom right of the screen.

Click that cheat button on PC (or press Triangle on a PlayStation controller, or Y on an Xbox controller, to select it), enter the code, and then enjoy the rewards.

As expected in the modern gaming age, using cheats will stop you getting achievements/trophies during that play session – so definitely keep that in mind!

Full list of Red Dead Redemption 2 cheats

Here are all the Red Dead Redemption 2 cheat codes that you need to know. As mentioned, some require you to actually find a newspaper before you can use them and so we have marked those in the list too.

Note: be careful to follow the punctuation in these cheat phrases perfectly, or they might not work! And remember that some of these cheats require you to buy a newspaper first.

“Abundance is the dullest desire” - Gives Arthur infinite ammunition (purchase newspaper from Chapter 1 onwards)

“A simple life, a beautiful death” - Gives Arthur a set of Basic Weapons

“Greed is American virtue” - Gives Arthur a set of Heavy Weapons (purchase newspaper after completing "Advertising, the New American Art" in Chapter 3)

“Death is silence” - Gives Arthur a set of Stealth Weapons

“History is written by fools” - Gives Arthur the Gunslinger side mission weapons

“You long for sight and see nothing” - Removes Fog of War from the map (purchase newspaper after completing "Blood Feuds, Ancient and Modern" in Chapter 3)

“Greed is now a virtue” - Gives Arthur $500

“Vanity. All is vanity” - Instantly unlocks all in-game outfits

“Eat of knowledge” - Teaches Arthur every crafting recipe

“Share” - Unlocks every camp upgrade

“Virtue unearned is not virtue” - Gives Arthur maximum Honor (purchase newspaper after completing "Urban Pleasures" in Chapter 4)

“You revel in your disgrace, I see” - Gives Arthur minimum Honor

“Balance. All is balance” - Gives Arthur neutral Honor

“Be greedy only for foresight” - Gives Arthur Infinite Dead-Eye

“The lucky be strong evermore” - Gives Arthur Infinite Stamina (purchase newspaper after completing Chapter 5


“Guide me better” - Dead Eye Level 1

“Make me better” - Dead Eye Level 2

“I shall be better” - Dead Eye Level 3

“I still seek more” - Dead Eye Level 4

“I seek and I find” - Dead Eye Level 5

“Seek all the bounty of this place” - Permanently increases Arthur’s Health, Stamina and Dead-Eye meters

“You flourish before you die” - Fills Arthur’s Health, Stamina and Dead-Eye meters

“You seek more than the world offers” - Fills meters and fortifies Arthur’s cores (purchase newspaper after completing "The King's Son" in Chapter 6)

“My kingdom is a horse” - Increases Arthur’s Horse Bonding level

“Better than my dog” - Let’s Arthur call his horse from any range

“A fool on command” - Plies Arthur with alcohol, induces drunkenness

“Run! Run! Run!” - Spawns a race horse

“You are a beast built for war” - Spawns a War Horse (purchase newspaper after completing the Epilogue)

“You want more than you have” - Spawns a Superior Horse (Arabian)

“You want something new” - Spawns a random horse

“The best of the old ways” - Spawns a stagecoach

“Keep your dreams simple” - Spawns a wagon

“Keep your dreams light” - Spawns a horse-drawn buggy

“Would you be happier as a clown?” - Spawns a Circus Wagon (purchase newspaper after completing the Epilogue)

“You want punishment” - Gives Arthur a Wanted Level

“You want freedom” - Drops Arthur’s Wanted Level

“You want everyone to go away” - Removes Arthur’s notoriety/bounties

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