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GTA 6: Release date speculation, map and setting rumours, and more news

Rockstar has finally announced it is working on Grand Theft Auto 6.

GTA 6 release date
Published: Thursday, 9th June 2022 at 4:45 pm
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Believe it or not, GTA 6 is coming and we will get to play it - one day. Rockstar has made it official and work on Grand Theft Auto 6 is underway.


The GTA series dates all the way back to 1997, but fans have been waiting for GTA 6 for what feels like an eternity. Now, finally, we have something official to look forward to on that front, which is a relief given the last AAA new game in the series was in 2013 - almost a decade ago.

GTA 6 details are thin on the ground at the moment, but that hasn't stopped the rumour mill from churning out a huge number of GTA 6 rumours and potential map leaks all over Twitter and Reddit.

Taking everything except the Rockstar announcement with a hefty pinch of salt, keep on reading for everything we know about GTA 6 right now!

GTA 6 announced

"We are pleased to confirm that active development of the next entry in the Grand Theft Auto series is well under way," the GTA developers from Rockstar recently revealed in a statement.

Rockstar is a company that rarely puts out a dud, and the Grand Theft Auto series is one of the biggest and most beloved out there in the video game world.

The action-adventure game GTA 5 was originally released way back in 2013 and instantly became popular with players across the world.

However, the franchise was recently hit with some bad press thanks to the lacklustre Grand Theft Auto Remastered Trilogy, so all eyes are on the future to see if they can deliver another stellar title and put all things right in the GTA world again.

"With the unprecedented longevity of GTA V, we know many of you have been asking us about a new entry in the Grand Theft Auto series," Rockstar added in their statement.

"With every new project we embark on, our goal is always to significantly move beyond what we have previously delivered."

GTA 6 release date speculation

The GTA 6 release date has not been announced, but rumblings on the internet seemed to have been pointing to the year 2025. However, the latest reports that have come via analysts have predicted it could be with us as soon – and we use the word soon loosely – as April 2024, with that being the be the deadline they're predicting.

Rockstar has not announced a GTA 6 release date, though, leaving us all to enjoy our guesswork and fantasies in peace. Just to annoy you, consider this your reminder that the original GTA 5 release date was way back on 17th September 2013 – yes, nearly 10 years ago.

A round-up of rumours and leaks, posted on YouTube by a chap named Tom Henderson, predicted that we could be waiting until 2025 for GTA 6 to release. Henderson himself admitted, though: "I'm not known for GTA 6 news, so take all this information with a grain of salt."

It seems like that was a good grain of salt to take though as more insider leaks have pointed to there not being a release for a few years yet and it is seemingly more and more likely that the GTA 5 remaster will be it for the next four years at least.

GTA 6 map leaks and rumours

Where will the GTA 6 map be set? It hasn't been officially confirmed yet, but rumours and potential leaks have been flying around the web.

This is an interesting one as there are various locations being suggested, and the word is that the game will span multiple countries for the first time with some of the game taking place in Brazil.

Back in its American setting, the main location is said to be a modern-day Vice City, while Liberty City is set to feature but only in a mission or two and not as an open-world location. That's all rumour, though, but we'll be sure to share any firm GTA 6 map news that appears!

As for how it will look, well it is given that GTA will look great, it always does, but according to Rockstar insider Chris Klippel it will look even better than we may have expected. That tweet essentially translates to it looking amazing and being made on an engine that is "ahead of its time". Fingers crossed that prediction is on the money.

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What platforms will GTA 6 be on?

We can predict with confidence that you will be able to play GTA 6 on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, but it remains to be seen if GTA 6 will also reach PS4 and Xbox One. Those previous-gen consoles could be pretty outdated by the time GTA 6 is ready, after all.

We imagine a GTA 6 PC release will be on the way, too, but what is a mystery is whether GTA 6 will make the leap to the Nintendo Switch - GTA 5 hasn't yet, even though the Definitive Edition trilogy bundle did, so it is by no means a guarantee. We'll keep you posted as we learn more.

GTA 6 story speculation

Nothing to report yet other than rumours but happily, there are some of them floating about. Some rumours suggest that the next GTA will feature the first female protagonist in the series - long overdue - and while we would be surprised if that did not turn out to be true, others have said that there will be one solo character you play as who is a drug lord in training called Ricardo. Other reports have said there will be multiple playable characters, so maybe they're both right...?

When in Brazil, you should get ready to read a lot of subtitles as English will not be the primary language used there and issues like immigration are said to be focused on quite heavily. That's just a rumour, though.

Weapon wise it seems that you will only be able to carry two - which we are not thrilled about - and famous figures such as Fidel Castro are thought to be set to appear. When the time comes and we finally get to play this game, it will be interesting to see which of these rumours were on the money - if any!

Is there a trailer for GTA 6?

Sadly, there is no trailer for GTA 6 just yet. For the time being, we'll just have to imagine how it looks in our heads.

Hopefully, it will be announced soon and we can add one here for you - but for now, you'll just have to imagine a GTA 6 trailer in your head. Enjoy!

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