There are few better experiences when playing GTA V than getting behind the wheel of the game’s fastest cars and going pedal to the metal across its sprawling map.


We are beyond the 10 year mark now, and thanks to a heap of updates in that time, there are tons of vehicles to choose from when escaping a heist, racing fellow players or cruising throughout the city.

Despite its age and a sequel looming, GTA V is still immensely popular, with hundreds of thousands of players still actively playing each month.

GTA V often puts you in situations where you must act quickly. Very often, those scenarios are made much easier with the help of a fast car - but with so many on the streets, how do you identify which is fastest?

Fortunately, we know our SUVs from our supercars, and so we have sorted the quickest from the slowest below.

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Which car is fastest in GTA 5's Story Mode?

The fastest car in GTA V’s single-player Story Mode is the Vapid Pißwasser Dominator. This is quite a surprise considering it is a muscle car, which are known to be fast but are bulky vehicles - making them less likely to appear at the top of a list like this.

The car can be obtained by winning the third Stock Car race, where upon completion it will appear in the player’s garage under the "Special Vehicles" menu.

MrBossFTW has a great video on YouTube (below) that shows exactly what this car looks like and how to win it.

Reminiscent of the Ford Mustang in appearance, the Pißwasser Dominator has a reported top speed of 126.50 miles per hour once fully upgraded, according to GTA Base.

Aside from its speed, muscle cars are heavy vehicles, and so it should be fairly useful in terms of barging other cars off the road should you find yourself in a spot of bother in the game.

Which car is fastest in GTA 5's Online mode?

The BF Weevil Custom, headlights first in GTA V.
The BF Weevil. Rockstar Games

The fastest car in GTA 5’s Online mode is the BF Weevil Custom, which has a top speed of 137 miles per hour, according to

It hardly looks like the quickest car in the game, but it packs a speedy punch. Players can purchase the base version, a BF Weevil, for $870,000 - but then must put another $980,000 into it at Benny’s Original Motorworks to upgrade it into the speed demon it’s capable of becoming.

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