From Ray Liotta to Michael Madsen to Samuel L Jackson, the GTA series has long used talented voice actors and helped bring interest to the profession.


This has continued with GTA 5, with the characters of Franklin, Trevor and Michael becoming icons in the videogame industry largely thanks to the actors who brought them to life.

However, a game as expansive as GTA 5 features a whole host of memorable characters, with several actors, rappers and Rockstar veterans coming together to voice the residents of Los Santos.

So with GTA 6 still merely a speck on the horizon, let's look back at the voice cast of the fastest-selling game of all time who helped make the title so popular nearly a decade later.

GTA 5 V game cast and voice actors list

Steven Ogg red carpet photo
Trevor actor Steven Ogg (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

Check out the cast of GTA 5 below:

  • Steven Ogg plays Trevor Philips
  • Ned Luke plays Michael Townley/De Santa
  • Shawn Fonteno plays Franklin Clinton
  • Gerald 'Slink' Johnson plays Lamar Davis
  • Jay Klaitz plays Lester Crest
  • Vicki van Tassel plays Amanda Townley/De Santa
  • Danny Tamberelli plays Jimmy Townley/De Santa
  • Michal Sinnott plays Tracey Townley/De Santa
  • Robert Bogue plays Steve Haines
  • Julian Gamble plays Dave Norton
  • Johnathan Walker plays Devon Weston
  • David Mogentale plays Ron Jakowski
  • Matthew Maher plays Wade Herbert
  • Jimmy Ray Bennett plays Floyd Herbert
  • Demosthenes Chrysan plays Simeon Yetarian

One of the three leads and one of the most iconic characters in GTA history is Trevor Philips, memorably played by Steven Ogg. Ogg had a few small TV roles prior to GTA 5, but the success of the Trevor character has led him to play similarly unhinged individuals in the likes of The Walking Dead, Better Call Saul and Westworld.

Much like his character Michael Townley, Ned Luke took a break from the acting business in 2007 only to be drawn back into the industry a few years later leading to his famous GTA role. Luke also worked on Rockstar's other big franchise Red Dead Redemption 2, and has guest starred in TV shows such as Boardwalk Empire and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

Rounding out the lead trio is actor and rapper Shawn Fonteno, also known as Solo. Fonteno's cousin is none other than Young Maylay, the actor behind the iconic CJ character from GTA San Andreas which Fonteno also had a small role in. Fonteno has also appeared in Watch Dogs and films The Wash, and reprised his Franklin character for GTA Online and a viral reenactment of the 'Lamar roasts Franklin' meme.

Key GTA 5 cast members Ned Luke (left) and Shawn Fonteno (right).
Key GTA 5 cast members Ned Luke (left) and Shawn Fonteno (right). Getty

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Other familiar faces include Jay Klaitz as Lester Crest, who had previously worked with Rockstar on GTA 4 and Red Dead Redemption and appeared in TV shows such as The Get Down, Jessica Jones and Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

Slink Johnson stars as Franklin's childhood friend and internet favourite Lamar, and is best known for playing the lead role in the sitcom Black Jesus. Johnson has also had small parts in films such as Space Jam: A New Legacy and Sharknado 3, and has reprised his Lamar role several times for GTA Online.

While the GTA series has notably toned down its celebrity castings since the 3D era, GTA 5 still received a big name in the form of Dr Dre for the GTA Online update The Contract.

Dre was of course an original member of the influential hip-hop group NWA, before launching a successful solo career and co-founding Beats Electronics.

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