Whether you're new to the game or are replaying it for the thousandth time, the best GTA 5 mods will let you get more out of the open-world game if you're playing on PC.


Given the game is around a decade old by now, you might have exhausted the base version of GTA 5. Aside from GTA 5 cheats, or joining a game of GTA RP, mods will help keep you entertained until GTA 6.

There are a tonne of mods to download and install letting you play as new characters lifted out of other games, films, and TV shows, take control of NPCs, and much, much more.

Best of all, the list of mods continues to grow day by day. There's never been a better time to play Grand Theft Auto V on PC. Read on below to find out how to install mods on GTA 5 and to see our picks for the best of the bunch.

How to install mods on GTA 5

In order to use mods, there are a couple of bits of software that you will need to get hold of first. And remember, you can only get mods on GTA 5 if you play on PC.

How to install Script Hook V for GTA 5:

  • Download Script Hook V and then open the .zip folder
  • Copy ScriptHookV.dll to the parent GTAV folder (keep in mind that if you're playing the game through Steam, it can be found in SteamAppscommonGrand Theft Auto V)
  • Now do the same with both dsound.dll - the Asi Loader - and NativeTrainer.asi

How to install the GTAV LUA Plugin:

  • Download the GTAV LUA Plugin and open the .zip folder
  • Copy the 'scripts' folder and the LUA.asi file to the parent GTAV folder (same as last time)
  • Now copy the mod folders into the GTA folder

Now that you've done that piece of housekeeping, you should be able to install any of the GTA 5 mods we've listed below. Check them out and see which ones you fancy playing with.

The best mods in GTA 5

Character Menu

GTA 5 mods charactermenu, showing a man in a red shirt
GTA 5 Character Menu.

The Character Menu mod lets you turn into any NPC in the game. With this mod installed, you can select and play as up to 500 characters you otherwise run across in your time on the game's map. You can even change the clothes and features of around 350 of them.

Get the CharacterMenu GTA 5 mod

Iron Man


Possibly one of the coolest and the most well known, you can have Marvel star Iron Man flying around in the game and causing all sorts of carnage - we love this mod 3000.

With all the powers you would expect him to have, plus the option to turn the armour into the Hulk busting kind, it is little wonder this is still such a popular mod.

Get the Iron Man GTA mod

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Become the police


Want to know what life is like on the other side of a 5 star police call out? Well you can thanks to this mod that lets you swap sides and join the cops, thus putting you in charge of taking criminals out of action rather than trying to be the biggest one yourself.

Get the Police GTA mod

Mobile radio


Despite the carnage that GTA 5 dishes out on a regular basis, cruising around with tunes blasting out can actually be quite relaxing and it is always a shame that the music does not follow you when you get out of a vehicle.

More like this

Well, with the mobile radio mod you can do just that - so the music will stay with you even while you are deep in a gunfight!

Get the Mobile radio GTA mod



Also known as Mayhem, you can probably guess what the Carmaggedon mod does once you activate it but just in case you want to know more, you can cause cars to explode and fly about all over the place at the push of a button.

Keep in mind that the police will be after you extremely quickly if you try this one out.

Get the Carmaggedon GTA mod

Home invasion


Breaking into random houses and attacking the people that live there is not something you can do in GTA 5 without the help of a mod, but thankfully one exists that will allow you to do just that.

Obviously, not veery house is available to break into but you do get a good variety of them - including mansions!

Get the home invasion GTA mod

California Architecture


While we all know that the fictional Los Santos borrows a lot from LA and its surrounding areas, it is not actually set in California. But with a mod, you can make it more Californian than ever as it will add several real life locations into the game to really give it an authentic vibe.

Get the California Architecture GTA mod



You will see the word busted a lot while playing GTA 5 but because it is a game, you will just reappear outside the police station - free to go back to criminal ways instantly.

Add a dash of realism to the game with this mod that will actually see you sent to prison! And even better is that you can channel your inner Michael Schofield and stage a prison break!

Get the prison GTA mod

Open all Interiors


Slightly further up this list was the home invasion mod and this is very similar - just not as violent and aggressive.

Interiors can be explored in the game with this mod and while you don't really gain anything from going inside, it is a nice addition that helps the world of Los Santos feel a little more real.

Get the Open all Interiors GTA mod

Marlowe Valley safehouse


There are some lovely homes that you can live in while playing GTA 5, and plenty of them dotted about to choose from - none are quite like this though.

At the Marlowe Valley safehouse you get a gigantic mansion that you can throw parties in, and it comes with its own airport too as it is in the middle of nowhere.

Get the Marlowe Valley Safehouse/Airport GTA mod

Realism mode

gta 5 cheats

Fellow Rockstar title Red Dead Redemption 2 taught us that realism in games is a bit marmite, so this will be a mod that you either love or hate.

But as the name suggests, everything becomes realistic. So you bleed when you are shot, you have to literally pick weapons up, police are much smarter and if you keep a close eye on random pedestrians then they might just drop their wallet!

Get the realism GTA mod



To quote the mighty Manic Street Preachers, "Tsunami, tsunami came washing over me" - and that is exactly what will happen to the residents of Los Santos if you install this mod.

GTA 5 becomes an underwater location with this one which makes it one of the most fun on this list and makes us wish for a GTA Atlantis spin off game.

Get the Tsunami GTA mod

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