Fortnite Horror Map Codes – creative scary maps guide

Ok so it's not Halloween but there's plenty of scary content over in Fortnite Creative

Fortnite Horror Maps

Nope, still not Halloween yet, even if the year has zoomed by us, but that doesn’t mean there’s no scary content about – take Fortnite Creative and the horror maps for example.


There’s a ton of maps ready to make you shiver and send chills up the old spine. More maps keep being added to the roster so we’ll update this page as and when. There’s everything from one player to multi-player, gun games, jump scares and more.

This horror map codes guide looks at the maps that create that spooky ghostly atmosphere to your gameplay.

We’ve not gone full horror SAW style, so calm down – think more Fright Night.

How to use a Fortnite Creative Code

Take a look at the Fortnite Creative section of the website if you want more info.

Head into the game, choose between the following three:

  • Save the World
  • Battle Royal
  • Creative

Click Creative, Play then Create. There’s an Orange Rift, which takes you to islands – this allows you to create custom maps. For now, you want the featured portals. Fortnite will take you to a custom portal area. Find the portals with the console in front.

We’ve taken a look at the scary and horror maps and broken down the best below.

Best Fornite Horror Map Codes

Paradox: The beginning  6152-3603-0539

Player mode: Single player

The story: You wake up in a cabin and have to work out what happened (sounds like a weird night out). Use the clues to escape and find your way out.

Escape from the Queen’s Nest 8297-3587-7839

Player mode: recommended 5 players

The story: Make sure you survive the Queen’s demon hunter. Work together, get the objects and escape!

Quiet Place 3739-2232-6062

Player mode: Single player

The story: Not the movie! You need to save the Quiet Place from an evil spirit. In the rooms use the props you find (they only appear once). There are consequences if you guess incorrectly. Complete all the rooms!

Cursed Forest 6024-5002-6192

Player mode: Single player (easy)

The story: Your car breaks down on a dark trail. The sound effects really make this one a scary map.

Piggy Chapter 1-4 8840-5689-4557

Player mode: Single player (hard)

The story: Escape the horror house. Easy peasy right?

Carnival Escape 2385-3342-5568

Player mode: Option of multi-player

The story: Your off to the 4th July Carnival, but wait, you’re alone. Do you choose to get your friends to help? Multiple levels.

House of Torment 6003-4995-1704

Player mode: Single player

The story: The name of this map kind of gives away everything you need to know…

Siren Head 7297-6337-4306

Player mode: Single player

The story: Based off Trevor Henderson’s creature Siren Head. You play as Alex.

Find the Penny’s (wise)  2961-7589-1661

Player mode: 1-5 players

The story: Try and collect 15 coins. Based on the IT Chapter 1 film.

Zombie Escape  0791-5727-7074

Player mode: Single player

The story: Earth has been destroyed by a zombie apocalypse. You need to save yourself, collect coins and escape now.

The Scarecrow

Player mode: Single player

The story: A series of maps will keep you busy. One of the scarier options.

Lost in the Unknown 5312-0287-8262

Player mode: One of two players

The story: Your plane has crashed when flying over the mountains leaving you in a forest escaping the wreckage. Jump scares.

Cockroach simulator 1316-4412-1282

Player mode: Single player

The story: Bug haters look away! This is a case of human vs cockroach

Oliver Japanese Horror Map 5279-5436-2390

Player mode: Single player

The story: Make your way through narrow corridors to escape a spooky clown. Jump scares again. Japanese story text.

Alverton Hills 2951-2235-6812

Player mode: Two-player option, but you can take it to four-player

The story: A two-player option that lets you walk (or run) around a dark neighbourhood, after all isn’t that how all good stories start? You meet a woman…and it goes from there. You have to fight, find items and solve puzzles.

Pine City: Afterlife 8974-6823-3966

Player mode: Single player

The story: Another car crash. Things kick off after the crash. You head through the forest and find yourself at a mansion. Multiple endings.

Halloween Story 9312-2909-8471

The story: Hunt around for pumpkin tokens. Each level has a set number to collect. There are obviously a few things hiding to make you jump too. Want to know where they are? This guy has a cheat video for you.

Evil 14 Awaits 7710-0034-8827

Player mode: First person single player

The story: You’re trapped in a creepy house. It’s time to escape, but you’re trapped in a loop.

Evil 15 Awaits 5034-4002-3245

Player mode: First Person Duo

The story: You and your friend have only one life – try and escape.

Paranoia Tantrum 2 1520-4763-6403

The story:  A mix of techniques here – from trapped in a dungeon to puzzle solving. Multiple endings.

Paranoia Tantrum 3 Duality  1179-8403-2990

Player mode: Single player

The story: You play as Meredith, a girl trapped in a horror loop – can you escape?

Choices 4147-1805-2195

Player mode: 1st person


The story: You’re trapped in a simulation. Carefully make your choices as each has a deadly consequence.