We would be surprised if you have run out of things to do in Fortnite, not least because of all the great Zone Wars maps you can try out.


Fortnite Creative has brought us scary horror maps, action-packed adventure maps and fun parkour maps. And let's not forget about Zone Wars!

A unique subset of Fortnite Creative maps, Zone Wars creations simulate the shrinking-map style of the main battle royale game, with these maps getting smaller the longer you play.

Here are some of the best Zone Wars maps that you can play right now, and we have included the codes so you will be able to jump straight in. It's just a question of which one you want to play first!

How to use a Fortnite Creative Code

If you're wondering how to use a Fortnite Creative Code, it's actually pretty easy. First, you need to head into the game, and pick 'Creative' from the options on the home screen.

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Then choose 'Play' on the next menu, and then 'Create' on the one after that. There's an Orange Rift, which takes you to islands - this allows you to create and visit custom maps. Select the "Island Code" option to use a code.

Take a look at the Fortnite Creative section of the website if you want more info.

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Best Fornite Zone Wars Map Codes

Fox Clan Zone Wars 6130-6579-9491

You'll be hard-pressed to find a map that is better than this one – what's more, it has recently had updates to bring it in line with the rest of season 6!

3V3V3V3! Skywars- 0358-6493-1913

How does falling into lava, or watching your opposition fall into lava, sound? If it sounds good then this will be the map for you as it will almost certainly happen - a lot.

Enigma's Downhill Rivers Zone Wars - 6130-6579-9491

One of the more complex maps you can find, this one will put your skills to the test but if you can master it, you'll have a ton of fun while playing.

Town Zone Wars - 9299-7973-8393

This is a map worth highlighting as it one that is really well made and feels like one of the more accomplished ones around. It also happens to be great fun to play!

Synchronized Zone Wars 9210-4484-4006

There is a great concept at the heart of this one. If you haven't taken out an enemy after the storm surge starts, you will start taking damage every few seconds. So get your game face on and work quickly with this map!

Exiled Zone Wars - 4063-2672-7711

This one sends you back to the age of the dinosaurs - which makes it a timely choice to play in April now that the main game itself has gone all prehistoric for its latest season.

red v blue fortnite

8v8 Red Vs Blue Go Goated - 1652-6940-3196

Pick your team and fight for your lives in this super fun map that has two teams of eight battling to be the victor!

Uphill Zone Wars - 4010-9579-3761

A map that is just as fun to look at as it is to play, with plenty of ways to try and get a height advantage over your opposing players!

Frosty Zonewars - 0116-9392-3142

The weather may be starting to warm up for us now, but you can relive the winter months in this snow-themed map - a great choice if you want to get some practice in with the game.

Primal Rumble- 6068-0917-8717

Primal is the word of the moment in Fortnite with the latest map changes and in this one, the first team to 100 eliminations wins the round. Hopefully you've got a strong team fighting alongside you when you start!

Colossal Crops Zone Wars - 8653-2033-7193

This is a fun map that has one big advantage going for it - you will be able to find some chapter 2 season 6 loot when you play. Happy hunting!

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