Fornite keeps us busy, doesn't it? It remains one of the biggest titles in gaming thanks to the constant changes and updates the developers keep throwing our way.


And if you are still looking for new things to try, then Creative mode is certainly worth a look.

From terrifying Fortnite horror maps to fast-paced adventure Fortnite maps, and we can't forget Zone Wars, there are a countless number of maps to try out – all accessed with a code.

But if you are in the mood for fighting, and there is a good chance you will be if you're playing Fortnite, then we have compiled a list of some of the best maps you can access to play on – some relatively new and some that have stood the test of time.

How to use a Fortnite Creative Code

If you're wondering to use a Fortnite Creative Code, it's actually pretty easy. First, you need to head into the game, and pick 'Creative' from the options on the home screen.

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Choose 'Play' on the next menu and then 'Create' on the one after that. There's an Orange Rift, which takes you to islands – this allows you to create and visit custom maps.

Take a look at the Fortnite Creative section of the website if you want more info.

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Best Fornite Fighting Map Codes

Boxfighting – 7992-4476-2682

Get into a box fight with up to six other players in this creative code map. Just follow the above instructions and use this code and you'll see why this map is one that is worth playing.

KMIKAZ Building Fighting – 4905-3477-7536

There is a new system reset build in this map and it is one that is designed for some great 1v1 combat. So invite a friend or get ready to battle a stranger!

Pleasant House Fighting – 9504-8581-9196

This one is a map that is designed for two-four players to play – so if you have what it takes to come out on top then jump in and get fighting.

Fighting Games – 0077-1295-3930

Two-eight players can take part in this one that has nine different game modes with rounds which last no longer than four minutes. So a lot to do here and it is a fast-paced map to boot!

Fighting Town – 9210-1332-5744-9955

Even the name of this one appeals to us – it's a town made especially for fighting! The aim of the game is simple here: beat your friends and prove you're the better fighter!

Sponges Boxfighting arena – 8907-8116-2047

The user who made this is called iv-sponge – this isn't a spongey arena to fight in. While that is a shame, this also happens to be a great map that you can play 1v1 in.

fighting in a giant tower fortnite

Fighting in a Giant Tower – 6908-0089-4715

This one has been around for a little while but is still a great one to play, particularly if you are a lover of fighting and giant towers! This one can hold up to 16 players, so it will be no small fight that you will find yourself caught up in.

Fighting in Sandbar – 5064-0262-0801

Another one that has been around for some time but remains popular is Fighting in Sandbar – a map that specialises in close-quarter fighting and will require you to master the art of preempting deadly fast strokes.

Havoc Boxfighting – 7098-6247-5987

This map allows you to fight in a 1v1 match, or all the way up to 4v4, so you can jump in with between one and seven friends – and it is a fun map too!

Red Boxfighting map – 8696-8938-4649

4v4 fighting is the name of the game here and it is a great map to play if you want to put your skills to the test against your friends, or complete strangers if you are feeling brave enough!

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