There is a Monopoly set out there for almost everything and Fortnite is no exception – in fact, Hasbro has gone all-out with the latest Fortnite Monopoly set.


A special Collector's Edition is out now and if you buy it, not only do you get the game, but you also get a Fortnite Monopoly code. Redeem that code and you'll get some cool Monopoly-themed back blings that you can show off in Fortnite itself.

Fortnite shows no signs of slowing down and Fortnite chapter 2 season 9 is nearly here to keep us busy – not that we ever stop for all that long anyway.

For all you need to know about getting those back blings from the Fortnite Monopoly set, here are the details!

Fortnite Monopoly code: How to get the Monopoly back blings

This is not the first time that Fortnite and Monopoly have teamed up, but it may be the best set to date, The Collector’s Edition comes with brand new Fortnite-themed pieces, and one of the changes is that Health Point chips are being used instead of the standard Monopoly money we're used to.

There are 10 different Fortnite characters to choose from when you play, but perhaps the most exciting thing about it is the in-game reward that you get when you buy it. Ordering the Fortnite Monopoly Collector's Edition will get you eight back blings that you can use and, as expected, they are all based on the iconic Monopoly pieces – we always go for the hat if you wondered.

Getting the back blings in the game is easy, as you get a code to use when you buy the set and it's just a case of entering it into Fortnite when you boot the game up. Once you do, they'll be yours but you can only have them added to one account.

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Here in the UK, Argos is one of the official stockists of the Fortnite Monopoly Collector's Edition that comes with the back bling code. Click the link below and order one today, if you like!

Twitter has been going mad for these back blings, which bring the iconic pieces from the board game (such as the silver car) into Fortnite as wearable accessories...

Fortnite Monopoly map code

But that's not all! There's Monopoly Fortnite fun that you can play for free thanks to a creative map code that anyone can use in Fortnite itself.

Head to Fortnite Creative from the game's main menu, and enter 8974-2034-1818 when it asks for an island code. Enter that code and you'll be transported to a Monopoly-themed game within Fortnite!

So the fun goes both ways – you can play Fortnite-themed Monopoly in real life or Monopoly-themed Fortnite in the game itself!

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