There is a lot to do in Fortnite and the fresh content keeps on coming, but you can explore a whole lot more thanks to Fortnite Creative that provides a whole new way for you to play the game.


Fortnite Creative has given us all sorts of maps with different themes including horror maps, fun adventure maps and the always enjoyable parkour maps that we are a little addicted to.

There is every chance that you are too busy to try out new creative maps right now given the changes and new additions that have come along as Fortnite Season 7 continues and it sounds as though Fortnite Season 8 may be closer than we think.

But if Deathruns sound like a fun way to pass some time, here are some of the best Fortnite Deathrun maps that you can play right now, and we have included the codes so you will be able to jump straight in.

How to use a Fortnite Creative Code

If you're wondering to visit a custom map using Fortnite Creative Code, it's a pretty simple process. First things first, boot up the game and pick 'Creative' on the home screen.

Then choose 'Play' on the next menu, and then 'Island Code' on the one after that. You should now see a box where you can put any creative code you like, including the Hide and Seek ones listed below!

Still stuck? No problem! Take a look at the Fortnite Creative section of the website if you want more info.

Best Fornite Deathrun Codes

Wonka's 100 Levels Deathrun - 8001-3952-0624

No matter what skill level you are, Wonka's 100 Levels Deathrun is designed for you and is one of the more popular creative codes you can use for this type of game. Get ready for a labyrinth full of traps with this horror-filled map that will put you to the test.

Summer Splash Deathrun Race - 7024-4001-0960

16 players can take part in this race which means you will be entering something that will be both fast and frantic. From racing to the finish line and undergoing hazardous tasks like walking across a balance beam, this summer-themed map is perfect for the season and for some serious fun.

The North Pole - 7773-6191-5527

From the warmth of summer to the bitter cold of the snow-covered north pole for this next Deathrun code! As the name would suggest, this is a Christmas themed one - so you may want to hold back on playing for a while - but it is also a ton of fun and well worth a visit.

More like this

Slide Nation - 7901-8789-8064

Forget running as this is all about sliding and it is just as much fun as that brief description would suggest and there are 10 levels included so you will likely spend a fair amount of time on this one. Also, did we mention that at the end you need to slide through holes in the galaxy?

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Fire vs. Water Island Master Deathrun - 2854-7665-1230

One thing to keep in mind about this particular Deathrun before you start playing is that this is one of the fastest-paced ones out there - so be ready to go! Tools are required as you make your way through it and you will need to make sure that you are ready to use them at a moments notice.

Dread Pirate Jonesy's Deathrun: 4948-4770-3389

There are a couple of Fortnite Deathrun codes for Pirate Jonesy, but we have gone with this one for the adventure feel that it brings with it. You make your way through a large pirate town and have to contend with many a threat that is thrown in your direction. Can you handle them all?

Relativity - 7024-4001-0960

One of the more interesting choices on the list is this and it also happens to be one of the toughest. There is a twist with Relativity where the map will change as you make your way through it which means you will never know if your next step will be your last - it's as tense as it sounds.

Island Master: 4816-2952-0808

Parkour plays a big part in the Island Master Deathrun and you will need to make sure that you have mastered the art of that if you want any hope of beating the race against all of the other players that will be thrown into the mix.

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