With Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 comes a new battle pass with loads of cool skins to unlock, and using the best Fortnite XP maps to level up fast will help you get there quicker!


For a taste of what's to come, check out the video above!

While accepting Wasteland Challenges, tracking down and defeating Megalo Don or collecting all the Medallions will go a long way, not all of us have the luxury of time - meaning we could miss out on skins and loot in the battle pass as a result.

We certainly won't grass you up for playing an AFK bounce map while you have your tea.

It's a small sin to commit in your quest towards unlocking Peabody - who we consider to be the best skin this season.

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But on that note, we're not going to unlock the Fallout power armour by just sitting here, so let's get to it and gain some XP!

The best Fortnite XP maps to level up fast

Fortnite creative mode
Fortnite creative mode. Epic Games

Every Fortnite map listed can either be accessed via a map code or by typing the name of the map via the search bar. See below for the latest Fortnite maps that are best for earning XP.

Aim, Edit, Piece

Map code: 0641-9979-4778

Creator: Openworld

This UEFN practice map is designed to help improve aim, edits, one-versus-one combat and building with 125 training drills - however, it also offers lots of XP upon completion.

Ultimate 1v1 2k24

Map code: 6394-7069-2112

Creator: Bestt

With a button in the beginning room and another secret button at the bottom of the safe, this 2024 map has been updated several times due to its popularity.

See a walkthrough via this handy YouTube short. However, please note that the instructions have changed slightly. Alongside the former details about the button, the key is now found in the trash can behind the door upon entering the secret room.

Amazing Red VS Blue

Map code: 8442-8238-1452

Creator: Shufflegamer

Popular Fortnite YouTuber Shufflegamer designed this map specifically for levelling up fast. A full walkthrough uploaded by the man himself shows how to get an "insane amount of XP".

The Pit – Free For All

Map code: 4590-4493-7113

Creator: Geerzy

100 players face off against one another in the dreaded (and might we say small) pit, where every elimination offers big XP rewards.

Simple 1v1 Build Fights!

Map code: 6783-6237-5109

Creator: Bestt

A simple map purely designed to earn the most XP possible. It might not be the most exciting, but it gets the job done. Watch a walkthrough to complete the map in no time.


Map code: 9369-6922-8408

Creator: Goodgamerslegacy

While there's a distinct lack of Woody Harrelson and Twinkies, it does pit you against an endless horde of zombies. It's a great way to relieve stress alongside getting lots of XP fast.

333 Level Aqua Deathrun

Map code: 6441-2749-0646

Creator: fhsupport

How about an obstacle course set under the sea? Sprint through this colourful platforming map without dying and take home tons of XP. Just watch out for the electric fences!

Stark Industries Zone Wars

Map code: 6822-2409-8890

Creator: theghasts109

Take on friends in Iron Man's complex with this creative two vs two or three vs three battle level set in Stark Industries. It's become a fan favourite since its debut in 2020.

Pro 100

Map code: 0523-6922-2130

Creator: sjc

A simple team deathmatch with the goal being the first to reach 1,000 points. Easy, fun and you get lots of XP. What more do you want?

Home Alone – Prop Hunt

Map code: 0358-3267-8802

Creator: ctr

Fortnite fans sure love parodying pop culture, so it's no surprise that one user has taken inspiration from Home Alone for a map. If you search everything, there's a lot of XP to be found.

Gold vs Purple – Team Deathmatch

Map code: 5199-0518-6825

Creator: lootcreates

This one is a bit convoluted, and is best explained by Lootstation in their YouTube video.

It's well worth sticking with, however, as you can gain a truly staggering amount of XP for not a lot of effort.

Please note that Epic regularly likes to patch and update maps in Fortnite, especially ones from the community that have proven to be a great way to farm XP. We'll make sure to update the best Fortnite XP maps on a regular basis so that you can level up fast.

Fortnite is available across PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC via the Epic Games Store.


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