The GTA 6 trailer is here! No, seriously! It's been more than a decade since Rockstar last announced a new game in the mad world of Grand Theft Auto, but at long last, it has returned. And we're heading back to Vice City!


Rockstar originally confirmed that the GTA 6 trailer would drop on 5th December 2023 - however, someone managed to upload an early low-resolution version of the trailer (boo!).

To stop the leak from spreading, Rockstar uploaded the official trailer to stop it from spreading further.

The 90-second trailer is brief, but we get a look at what appears to be our main character, Lucia, alongside her male partner (possibly named Jason, if leaks are to be believed).

As expected, it's very Bonnie and Clyde, with the pair causing anarchy in the city by holding up convenience stores and fleeing from the cops.

We even get a bit of Tom Petty in the background. Taking inspiration from Miami, Florida, we also get our first proper look at the new state of Leonida and the new GTA 6 map.

Best of all, we now know that the GTA 6 release date is set for 2025 on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. However, news on a GTA 6 PC release is murkier.

That's quite a while to wait, so in the meantime, we've rounded up everything you need to know about the new GTA 6 trailer – including, all the latest clues, easter eggs and more.

Where to watch the GTA 6 trailer

Okay, let's not mess around. We're all here to see the GTA 6 trailer after too many years of waiting. So wait no longer! Head below to watch the first GTA 6 trailer in all its 4K glory:

The GTA 6 trailer can also be watched via Rockstar's official YouTube channel, which has already racked up more than 55 million views (at the time of writing), is one of the most-liked videos to ever hit YouTube and is number one on trending.

This appears to be the only place Rockstar has premiered the GTA 6 trailer after it was unexpectedly uploaded early. It's likely the trailer will arrive on other platforms and Rockstar's website in the coming days.

When did the GTA 6 trailer come out?

Two characters in GTA 6 holding guns and wearing face coverings
GTA 6. Rockstar Games

Rockstar officially debuted the first GTA 6 trailer on 4th December 2023, following years of speculation, rumours and a legitimate leak of the game in September 2022.

The GTA 6 trailer was supposed to premiere in an official YouTube Premiere at 9AM ET (2PM UK time) on 5th December 2023 - however, that didn't go to plan.

With the game now confirmed for a 2025 release date, it's likely we won't get the second GTA 6 trailer until late next year. We'd expect something in September 2024 at the earliest, going off the company's history.

Did the GTA 6 trailer leak?

GTA 6 Vice CIty skyline
GTA 6's Vice City. Rockstar Games

Yes, the GTA 6 trailer leaked early by an unknown X (formerly Twitter) account that has now been deactivated by the social media platform.

It was a low-resolution version of the official trailer that Rockstar was then forced to post ahead of its planned release time. Looking online, it seems the GTA 6 trailer went live about 15 hours earlier than it should have.

More like this

Several developers from the studio have shared their disappointment that the GTA 6 trailer leaked, with Rockstar senior gameplay animator Javier Altman (via VGC) expressing his frustration online.

"I was hoping to watch this for the first time tomorrow along with my fellow teammates and coworkers. I feel we deserved that moment," they wrote via X before later deleting the post.

GTA 6 trailer breakdown: All clues and Easter eggs we've spotted so far

So, as you can imagine, there is a lot to talk about from that GTA 6 trailer. We'll be updating this piece regularly with all the latest clues and Easter eggs spotted over the coming months, but here's what we've found so far.

Lucia ankle monitor

GTA 6 key art showing two characters sat on the hood of the car
GTA 6's main characters. Rockstar Games

One of the first things many people spotted was that Lucia has an ankle monitor (which can also be seen in the GTA 6 key art).

This has led to speculation that this is how the map is unlocked over time, with Lucia restricted to certain parts until the tag is either disabled or destroyed. You can imagine entering forbidden parts of Vice City only for the cops to come chasing.

Male protagonist voice actor

While the male lead's name has yet to be officially revealed (although everyone is convinced it's Jason, since 2022's leak), one notable name for the voice has been doing the rounds since the GTA 6 trailer debuted.

That is US voice actor Troy Baker, who is best known as Joel Miller in The Last of Us. He is also known as the voice behind Joker in Batman: Arkham Origins, Sam Drake in Uncharted, Booker DeWitt in Bioshock Infinite and Rhys Strongfork in Tales from the Borderlands.

Baker has yet to comment.


Alligator in GTA 6 walking into a store
GTA 6. Rockstar Games

Throughout the GTA 6 trailer, several alligators can be spotted suggesting the reptiles will be prevalent in the open world. Maybe taking some inspiration from Far Cry?

Whatever the case, Miami is well-known for its gators, so this isn't too much of a surprise. Still, it's interesting to see one walking through the doors of a supermarket.

E11EVEN Miami

About 17 seconds in, a plane passes by the skyline of Vice City, with a message behind it reading: "Why 69 when you can 919?" People are speculating that this is a reference to a popular nightclub E11EVEN found in Miami, Florida.

Two hammer woman

One reference people have picked up straight away is the woman with two hammers, which appears to be a reference to a viral video of a woman from Chatsworth who took the weapons to their neighbour's car.

GTA V trailer comparison

Axios video game editor outlined some notable comparisons between the GTA 5 and GTA 6 trailer, with several seconds of it lining up.

GTA 6 trailer music

Tom Petty holding a red guitar
Tom Petty.

How about the music? Rockstar selected Tom Petty's Love is a Long Road for the first GTA 6 trailer song. There potentially might be some hidden meaning behind the lyrics that are worth investigating further. We all know how cryptic Rockstar likes to be.

How has social media reacted to the GTA 6 trailer?

Tom Petty's social media account shared their appreciation for the inclusion of the now departed US songwriter's music:

US rapper Ice T posted about his amazement at the number of GTA 6 trailer views in the first 20 hours.

Popular US streamer IShowSpeed (real name Darren Watkins Jr) has been clipped out for his reaction to GTA 6, seemingly for the 2025 release date.

Los Angeles Lakers basketball player LeBron James posted his brief thoughts about the GTA 6 trailer:

Several Rockstar employees shared their excitement about the GTA 6 trailer finally being unveiled:

Grand Theft Auto 6 is scheduled to launch on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S in 2025. Stay tuned to for all the latest GTA 6 news.

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