The GTA 6 trailer has arrived, providing our first tease of the GTA 6 release date and our first glimpse of the GTA 6 map, and it also featured a great song!


If you haven't already had the pleasure, you can watch the GTA 6 trailer below and hear the song in situ. Or if you just want to watch it again, hey, we won't stop you. Here's hoping the song appears in the full game's GTA 6 soundtrack, as well.

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But what is the GTA 6 trailer song? Who sings it? And are there any hidden meanings to be found in its lyrics? Read on to learn all!

GTA 6 soundtrack: What is the GTA 6 trailer song?

The GTA 6 trailer song is called Love is a Long Road, and it was written by Thomas Earl Petty and Michael W Campbell.

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For now, this is the only song confirmed through official channels to have anything to do with GTA 6. We're sure that the GTA 6 soundtrack will feature loads of other songs, but they haven't been announced as of yet.

You can check out a cool live version of the song below, which will show you that it's a bit longer than the segment you heard in the trailer.

Who sings the GTA 6 trailer song?

The GTA 6 trailer song is performed by the late Tom Petty, an American singer and guitarist that appeared in such bands as Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Mudcrutch the Traveling Wilburys.

Other brilliant Tom Petty songs include Free Fallin', I Won't Back Down, American Girl and Learning to Fly.

Love is a Long Road was actually the B-side to Free Fallin', one of Petty's biggest hits, and it appeared on his 1989 debut solo album Full Moon Fever.

Is there any hidden meaning in the GTA 6 trailer song lyrics?

When you look at the lyrics to the song with the GTA 6 trailer in mind, it really does seem like there are some shared themes and vibes between the two.

"There was a girl I knew" — this opening line is perfect, considering that GTA 6 appears to have the franchise's first female protagonist. Her name seems to be Lucia.

"She tried to make my world, the way she thought it should be" — the trailer shows Lucia and her partner embracing a life of crime, perhaps to try and counteract some unfairness in the world and rearrange their life.

"Yeah, we were desperate then" — again, this makes us think of Lucia and her partner, and the sort of story that could revolve around them. Are they getting into a tight spot and turning to heists and such to get out of it?

"Love is a long, long road" — romantic love seems to play a big part in the story, with Lucia and her partner in bed and talking about trust at one point. Plus, if the rumours about the GTA 6 map size are true, it seems likely that the game will feature lots of driving and plenty of long, long roads.

"I would wake up at noon [...] I would wait for the moon" — okay, this one is a stretch, but now we're wondering if the game will have a full day-and-night cycle where different things happen depending on the time of day.

"Yeah, it was hard to give up, Some things are hard to let go, Some things are never enough" — greed is a key theme in many gangster movies. And if this really is a Bonnie and Clyde-style doomed criminal romance, this line could point to that feeling of escalation as one crime leads to another and perhaps our heroes get a taste for it.

"I guess I only can hope, For maybe one more chance, To try and save my soul" — this dramatic line near the end of the song really hammers it all home. Lucia is the core of the story, and her life of crime could have some kind of noble purpose behind it, but what will become of her soul as she travels down this dangerous path? We'll have to wait and play the game to find out, of course.

In the meantime, check out the full lyrics below and see if they spark any further thoughts for you!

Full lyrics for the GTA 6 trailer song

There was a girl I knew
She said she cared about me
She tried to make my world
The way she thought it should be

Yeah, we were desperate then
To have each other to hold
But love
Is a long, long road
Yeah, love
Is a long, long road

There were so many times
I would wake up at noon
Yeah, with my head spinning 'round
I would wait for the moon

And give her one more chance
To try and save my soul
But love
Is a long, long road
Yeah, love
Is a long, long road

Yeah, it was hard to give up
Some things are hard to let go
Some things are never enough
I guess I only can hope
For maybe one more chance
To try and save my soul
But love is a long, long road
Yeah, love is a long, long road

Love is a long, long road
Yeah, love is long, long road, oh

Oh, it's a long, long road

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