If you love a good real-time strategy video game then you will likely need no introduction to Age of Mythology. The game was first released way back in 2002 and since then we have had many expansions come along to keep the new content rolling in.


The latest was in 2016, Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon, and we are hoping for much more from this world to be announced soon - it has been a while now.

As with any good game comes the option to cheat, and there are plenty of ways to do it in Age of Mythology and its expansions. For the all-important codes you need, and what the cheats can do in Age of Mythology - read on!

How to use cheat codes in Age of Mythology

Really simple one this. All you need to do is hit enter while you are playing, type in the code and then press enter again - that's it!

Keep in mind that they need to be exact, and that includes full capital letters every time.

Full list of Age of Mythology cheats

Here are all the codes you will need to know for Age of Mythology cheats!

  • JUNK FOOD NIGHT : 1000 food
  • TROJAN HORSE FOR SALE : 1000 wood
  • ATM OF EREBUS : 1000 gold
  • LAY OF THE LAND : Show map
  • THRILL OF VICTORY : Win game
  • L33T SUPA H4X0R : Faster build
  • ATLANTIS REBORN : Heroes from expansion campaign
  • BARKBARKBARKBARKBARK : Superdog with 5000 life points
  • WUV WOO : Have a flying purple hippo
  • TINES OF POWER : Have a forkboy
  • O CANADA : Have a lazer bear
  • ISIS HEAR MY PLEA : Get the heroes from the campaign
  • I WANT TEH MONKEYS!!!1! : Monkeys galore
  • MOUNT OLYMPUS : Full favor
  • MR.MONDAY : AI handicap
  • IN DARKEST NIGHT : Make it nighttime
  • RED TIDE : Makes water red
  • TITANOMACHY : Instant Titan
  • TINFOIL HAT: Randomizes the ownership of every unit on the map
  • SET ASCENDANT : Show animals on map
  • CHANNEL SURFING : Skip to next scenario in the campaign
  • CONSIDER THE INTERNET: Slow down units
  • LETS GO! NOW! : Faster game play, there are 2 spaces between GO! and NOW!
  • RESET BUTTON: Un-builds all buildings on the map
  • ZENOS PARADOX: Grants random god powers
  • PANDORAS BOX : Get random god powers
  • BAWK BAWK BOOM : Get the chicken-meteor god power
  • DIVINE INTERVENTION: Use a previously used god power
  • FEAR THE FORAGE: Get the walking berry bushes god power
  • WRATH OF THE GODS: Get the Lightning Storm, Earthquake, Meteor and Tornado god powers
  • GOATUNHEIM: Get a god power that turns all units on the map to goats
  • GODS CLASH: Grants Osiris the god
  • ENGINEERED GRAIN: Get more food from animals

But that's not all, as the expansion packs have their own extra cheats! First up, here are the cheats for Age of Mythology: The Titans:

  • ZENOS PARADOX: Similar to PANDORAS BOX, but with Atlantean God Powers included
  • TINFOIL HAT: Ownership of all units on the map are randomized
  • TITANOMACHY: Instant Titan
  • RESET BUTTON: All buildings on the map become unbuilt
  • ATLANTIS REBORN: Similar to ISIS HEAR MY PLEA, but with Atlantean Heroes
  • BARKBARKBARKBARKBARK: Gives you a Bella(dog)

And here are the Age of Mythology Extended Edition cheats:

  • NINJACONNOR: 100,000 each resource, maxes population cap, unlimited god power castings, 100x build/research speeds
  • WRATH OF CYCLONE: Turns all your units into titans
  • POWERS FROM DIYU: Grants four random god powers, including the possibility of Chinese powers
  • BLESS ME FU XI: Spawns heroes from Tale of the Dragon campaign
  • TITANIC: Allows your titans to traverse water
  • WOLOLO: Chinese monks sing the famous cry when successfully converting enemy units

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